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Alright im back from camp and had lots 'o fun. The names are between Stephano, Willy James LaFawn, and Mark Kolterman. now if stephano is selected I will probaly use Kolterman as a last name anyways. So vote on whichever one you like the best!
Stephano kolterman ftw
Stephano Kolterman all the way.
anyone noticehow nobody ever RETURNs to the barracks?

Stephano Kolterman all the way.
Stephano Kolterman sounds good! SO GLAD I COULD GIVE A LAST NAME!!!!!!!
Day: 21 I awoke to the smell that I loved. The smell of blood from a fresh corpse. The smell of muzzle flare from a gauss rifle. The smell of a battle.
I rushed from my hideout and let my nose take control of my body. It took me what seemed to be half a kilometre to find the source of the smell; a small Zerg lying dead on the ground. But this was not like the others I had seen, he seemed to have died only a few hours ago. As I looked on, I found more. Not just Zerg, but Terran too. This meant one thing, they had come back for me, salvation was at hand, and all I had to do was find my allies which was not hard because there was smoke rising from the forest. I followed until my legs gave out from exhaustion and the last thing I remember is the cold ground coming to meet me. End of log.
I dont know if im goin against wat ur going for here but can u please have him love the Raiders at the end, maybe they r the ones who save him. just a thought
@Chesty: I am glad that you brought that up. I wanted to tell the story from a different point of view. Most people always write about the raiders being so good and how everyone loves them, but that is not the case in Starcraft I believe. With all of the propaganda and whatnot, people would change the way that they think. Imagine it this way: Rebels in Lybia are all seen as great to us (And I'm not saying they are bad) but to people such as Gadafi supporters, The rebels seem horrible.
Yea but the lore stories have the same point of view but they realize that in the end, after all the lies and propaganda, the Raiders are what is good and the Dominion is the true threat
Interesting thread. Like to see what happens!
Shamless bump
thats 3
Day 22: "What? A Nuke? NO Way! NOT ON ME OMFG NOOO!"


I like it. I like it a lot. I want to touch it. But I can't.
i am addicted to stimpacks
Zeke's Personal Log: It’s been a long time since I have seen Stephano, and I have lost hope. It all started when we were attacked by Zerg on Heptios. Most of the squad fled back to our base but Stephano was no where to be seen. I searched for him outside the perimeters of our base, but we eventually had to leave or risk being Zerg chow. A funeral service was held for the soldiers that died that day, but no one has mentioned the event since.
We are currently on our way to Maysia to quell a rebellion that has put the planet in utter chaos. I guess I have to agree with their cause somewhat, but I would never abandon the Dominion. Stephano has told me all about his hatred of the rebels and how they killed his wife, so I guess he has a reason to want them dead.
A large shuttle came up beside our ship claiming to have survivors from the massacre on Heptios. Hope suddenly appeared in me. Maybe Stephano survived! Maybe I can see him again. I was not able to see the occupants of the shuttle, but I know that they were all taken to the infirmary. End of log.
I wonder if perhaps zeke or stephano could get infested? just would be a nice plot device
greatstory so far

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