Diary of a Marine

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At some point he should get captured by the raiders, just an idea. Great story.
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But what we saw was much different than jungles and animals. When we landed on that rock, all we saw was a strange purple substance all over the ground. The trees were dead, the lakes dried up, and the animals mutated.

OMG Zerg Swarm Alert!!! IMMEDIATE EVAC!!

"I eat laggers for breakfast."
WTF is "Pillirak"?
@Darkbane: I made up the Pillirak because the planet Heptios is not in SC2 lore. Also, I am sorry for not posting for so long, Ill try to get a few more up soon.
Great posts man ur a great weighted
Day: 23 The one thing I remember thinking when I awoke was "Why is everything white?". I figured that I must have been dead, but as I began to regain my senses I heard a beeping noise. Not only that, but I heard people talking. Quite at first, but it got louder and louder until someone said "Hey! Stephanos awake!"
I was in the infirmary. I had been taken there after my collapse on Heptios. So many questions swam through my head, how long had it been, was Zeke still alive, and why did they come back to save me? The second question was answered minutes later when my best friend came to greet me. We talked for a long while and I could tell that he ws glad to see me alive. He had to leave eventually because of his duties, and I finally got to ask a nurse how I had gotten here. "After the dominion learned about the Zerg on Heptios, they decided to do a full cleansing of the planet." He said. "The campaign is still in full swing, and it has been made clear that the dominion wants to colonize the planet once the dust settles." I aksed him for some water and, while taking my first good drink in a long time, I felt that everything was going to be all right. End of log.
great more though needed :D
Day 1: I look at my hands and see blood. So much blood. My heart beats fast but I unable to process any feelings. My vision blurs because tears are emerging. I wipe them away to see my daughter, Claudia, one last time before more horrendous creatures with monstrous claws come and slay me too . I look into her clear blue eyes. Her mother's eyes. That stare blankly into space because she is no longer alive. No longer with me to enjoy life on our colony planet that was once peaceful and under the protection of the Dominion. The Dominion. Once thought to be great protectors of our small colony but now gone. Betrayed. Left us civilians to rot and be fed to the merciless swarm. The vision of the my daughter being chewed in half, having no lower torso because I could not save her in time. Flesh being torn apart while I hear my daughter's cries. The creatures left her because they saw more meaty opportunities in the huts. More of my people slain. I managed to sneak past them and steal away my daughter. Tears come again. I am amazed on how I can still feel emotions when everything seems so hopeless. I feel the ground shake. The zerg must be near. I never tear away from Claudia's eyes. I want them to be the last thing I see before I die.
Day 2: Light. The first thing that my brain registers is light. I open my eyes and regret it immediately. I squint, waiting for my eyes to adjust to sudden difference in environment. Where am I? Ugh. Coherent thoughts are almost impossible for me because apparently disorientation is the first thing that comes to my brain. I breath. Calm. I try to move. Ugh. Once again my body refuses to respond. What the hell? Can this get any more confusing? Wait. Then I remember.

The ground is still shaking. More heavily now. I hear my people being torn apart in the distance and their screams echoing across the valley. I look up to see fires in the horizon and dim figures running towards me. Zerg. I look back Claudia and say goodbye. I close her eyes and kiss her forehead. My teeth clatter at this moment from the ground shaking underneath me. I hug my child and wait for the end. I close my eyes and block everything out. The growls, the snarls, the pounding is too loud for me to bear. They see me. I am sure of it. Judging from the constant screeching, they about 50 feet....40....20....10.....
I take one last breath.

Then, an explosion. Not too far from me. In front of me, in the swarm. I am deafened immediately and blown back from aftershock. I land on my back, hard. I can no longer move. I try to keep conscious and end up seeing armor. Marine armor. Blue. Is this possible? Or am I just hallucinating? Only one military group wears blue armor. Raynor's Raiders.....impossible. I feel more impulses and conclude more explosions are going off. I look at the armor and trail my eyes upward to the helmet of my savior. He looks down at me and signals behind him. I'm starting to see black. More raiders come and see them firing their gauss rifles all in unison. Forming a line. Tanks start to roll while Banshees hover above them. I use the last of the my strength to lift my head and see what was going on in front of me. The swarm is in chaos. Bullets ripe through their front line as they try to engage the raiders. But the tank fire blows them to bloody bits and Banshee bombings leave behind charred bodies of the swarm. Black is almost covering my vision. I feel a cold metallic hand catch my head as it was beginning to fall back to the ground. I look up to the owner of this hand and see a face. His marine visor lifted up and make out from his lips the following words. "You're safe." Then nothing.

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