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I always read Protoss and Zerg QQ about wanting some better units. Here's a thought for an upgrade for Terran:

Hellions can carry 4 Marines a piece. Upgradable to 5.

-1 Marine required to drive/operate hellion.
-Marines are able to attack while inside the hellion(the driver operates the flame).
-Able to LOAD/UNLOAD all at once.
-Upgrade gives a machine gun turrent on back of hellion, ala Halo Warthog, increasing vehicle carry to 5.
-Turrent upgrade = 2 Stimmed Marines + Level 1 Weapon upgrade via Ebay
-Marines take no damage until outside of hellion. Turrent Marine takes damage, can be sniped.
-When the hellion is destroyed, the marines are alive with 75% life.

Just imagine if a Convoy of Hellions stormed your base, full of marines attacking and retreating, attacking and retreating.

Enjoy. I think it's awesome. LOL.
Was 1/10, but then you mentioned Halo.

Final score, 0/10
LMAO. Awww. I thought it sounded pretty awesome.
sounds cool but we dont need fancy %!!*, we got an overpowered army of drug addictic convicts, psychotic emos with nukes, portible Doomsday turrets and a unit with the word viking in it's name. YOU DO NOT *!@! with things with the word viking in thier names or discription.

but in all seriousness i think the game is reletivly ballanced. it's just fun to watch new patches to shake things up. watch next weeks patch be a buff to zerglings so they can get an upgrade to count as an air unit (they got wings, use them) and the one after that be one to BCs damage (+2 damage pl0x) and finally having more then 1 mothership out at a atime.
best idea ever, lets have marines being able to shoot from medivacs first though
Psh, forget the attacking. Think about defending. Why would you ever need to build a turret or planetary fortress ever again? Mutalisks can't even outrun hellions, lol.
Make it so one marine could load as a gunner on back of helion, any more and wouldn't look right.
Will someone please teach this guy how to spell Turret!?
Here i have an upgrede for you...

For 50/50 you can carry hellion inside you A-SS ... enjoy it, i know you will :P
how bout we make a free upgrade from the supply depot that makes all of our current marines and our future ones to come turn into a bunch of jim raynors then when we do a medivac drop they say "bringing down the rayn......or" :D
Before this, let's make marauders fire nukes instead of punisher grenades!
Hots looks balanced. WoL isnt. ghosts are only useful for emp. nuke is a joke compared to nydus worm full of banelings.

Terran lacks a good late game composition. Zerg thwarts all terrans harassment with queens alone. Thats a joke.

take a look at recent tournaments and most recent gsl. No korean terrans made it through qualifiers. except one who were exempt like bomber. Iron squid, the semi finnal consisted of 3 zerg and one terran. who lost 3 to 1.
also reapers are useless and there is no good transition to Battle cruisers.

Terran was OP though the first bit, but after snipe nerf and queen buff terran became underpowered
Another strike delivered by the hated necromancer.

Does anyone read timestamps on posts?!?!?
time stamp is irrelevant, its being applied to now. terrans are sick of the nerfs we want a buff or nerf zerg to hell as well.
01/30/2013 03:28 PMPosted by SPAMMAN
time stamp is irrelevant, its being applied to now. terrans are sick of the nerfs we want a buff or nerf zerg to hell as well.

Just stop it. Please. Enough with the necros. It just makes you look bad in th eyes of everyone else, even other Terrans.

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