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How do some other people enjoy this headset for Skype, Music and Gaming? I'm reading some of the reviews and they are hit and miss, most of the people love them, but other reviews show these as just an average, yet very comfortable headset.
Hello, I have a Razer Megalodon, which is the same spec of Carcharias except for the Maelstrom Engine. Ok, first the question you should make to yourself: Are you a audiophile? If you are go to sennheiser's stuff and get a HD 555 or something. If you are not and enjoy the really great looks of Razer's stuff and would have an orgasm if you bought one ( that was one of my motivations and i absolutely love them). The sound quality is really good, the bass really surprised me as people say gaming headsets are not good. It makes me hear stuff i didn't before in songs. The mic is GREAT and as for gaming the bass gives you a better experience. The last and the best: Comfort. I can spend hours playing SC2, CoD and just listening to songs with my ears fully covered and it feels really good. Before I had that bad sensation and pain, That's no more.

I really recomend the Carcharias ( you REALLY don't need the Megalodon, the 7.1 is just a fancy silly detail ). It is comfortable ( which is the best for gamers ) its sound quality is good and the volume with the "sound cancelling" ( as it is not fully cancelling ) make me lose some phone calls ;D. Really good choice. Tip: Don't use Skype, go for Axon.
Sounds good. The comfort was a big thing that is turning me on to this headset, as I love going for long play sessions, and my old headset would get really uncomfortable after an hour or two.

Also, I had never heard of Axon before this heh.

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