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Im currently on a real tight budget but Will be able to continue to add later on to the pc. Im looking to play on Ultra settings at 1280*1024 I know at the start I may not be able to do that but later on it wouldnt be to bad once its all upgraded fully. Let me know what you think

Case and Psu (PSU should be enough for the upgraded version)

Motherboard (Upgradable to 16gbs of ram and Six Core CPU and Crossfire)

4GBs Ram(After a while will upgrade to 8 Then Long run to 16)

DVD and 1 TB HDD

Radeon 6770 and Quad Core 3.2 ghz CPU( Will eventually get a second 6770 or might just replace, CPU is good for a while)

Well let me know what you think about this the price S&H would be about $450 and I believe as a Starter gamer pc would work for what im looking for let me know what you think what you would replace just whatever. Right now Im currently on a Inspiron One 19a and it sucks compared to the old pc I had. I just wanna get better performance and gameplay! My old rig was six core 3.2 8gb ram gtx 580 3tb monster and i miss it but hard times ya know.
You should have no problem running SCII on Ultra at 1920x1080p. SCII is more processor heavy and a Quadcore at 3.2 will be fine. 4GB Ram is also more than enough for gaming. If I were to put any more money into this I would go for a 6870. I had a 5770 and it ran SCII on Ultra at 1080p.

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