Cannon rush vs Zerg for the lulz

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Im sorry i forgot some replays of this i call it the 3 pylon cannon rush i grabbed it off a game i saw and cant remember where i saw it. The build is this
13 forge
14 drop 3 pylons blocking the ramp so he cant get out. Completely screws 15 hatch and if they go 14 pool it is still strong.
make probes and 2 cannons behind your wall then proceed to 4 gate expo or whatever u want. This build is for the lulz and i am not responsible for the rage u will receive
Enjoy. If somebody else posted this i am sorry for copying....not aware that any1 has

This works great on maps like shattered temple, xelnaga/ any maps with small ramps.

The Zerg will usually try to nidus your base so be aware.
i always beat this with an eventual 2 base roach attack because of how overconfident you cheesers get when you pylon block the ramp and forget what macro is.

This is for the lulz i dont normally use it. Just when i want a laugh i do becuase how are u gunna get 2 bases if u cant get out of your main. U rely on busting out which doesnt work with good cannon placement or a nidus. Its pretty good cheese.
dude this is SOOOOO OLD. there was even a patch to nerf this build, you used to be able to block ramps with 2 pylons and toss would just do it every game vs zerg and be ahead no matter what
I didnt know it was old. I just started playing after Christmas =D. Im just posting a new build for the lulz to those who havent heard of it. I can understand that as a zerg this would be a pissoff cuz ive had it done to me and u canling rush out of it u have to tech to roaches and hope for the best
When zergs l2onebase roach tech this build gets shut down
even better, cancel the hatch you have and use the drone and just make a hatch somewhere else.
06/26/2011 01:39 AMPosted by max
even better, cancel the hatch you have and use the drone and just make a hatch somewhere else.

That, plus creep tumor 1st + 1 spine totally ruins this.

The toss is so far behind that pressuring a sneak expo elsewhere is difficult.

Venom's proxy 1gate expoblock is a lot better than this nonsense XD.

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