First PC game that really blew your mind

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For me the first is definitely Doom but i have to give shoutouts to the Quest for Glory games, Warcraft 2 (just BEYOND amazing for its time), Deus Ex, Baldurs Gate series, and Ultima Online.
I never got around to many of the old classics, but I'd say that Fallout was the first for me.
Major Styker, baby
Starcraft -.-
cant really argue with any of your choices :) tho never heard of major stryker!

06/23/2011 03:43 PMPosted by Deathlust
I never got around to many of the old classics, but I'd say that Fallout was the first for me.

im 27 years old so those "old classics" were just the games of my time :O)
I played Wolfenstein 3d for SO FREAKIN LONG!!! Close second tho is Doom 95!
I think my most played and favorites were the C&C series, but the first one that blew my mind with graphics and interesting features and all that was Earth 2150. It certainly wasn't anything like SC when it came to the RTS world, but it had some serious potential and features.
06/23/2011 10:45 PMPosted by AlanarRH
tho never heard of major stryker!

It was just a 2d vertical scrolling shoot'n'dodge thing... but I Loved it. I remember riding a "Zipper" machine at a carnival and worrying for my life because I may never play the game again... yah, kinda sad, I know. lol
Minecraft was the first, its awesome, you should check it out. (it costs $20, and the website is
it was starcraft probably for me. If not, it was diablo 2
Leisure Suit Larry was the first game that really blew my mind.

Of course. being a 15 year's old when the game was released and seeing that kind of stuff in a game was a bit uncommon.
CoD 1

Those are the ones that really blew my mind
Mechwarrior 2, then The 7th Guest. Those were my first computer games and were an absolute blast to play.
Diablo, Diablo 2, and probably Diablo 3 when blizzard releases the damn thing
I think it was Diablo, possibly because it was the very first game I've ever played.

Seeing the Butcher at the tender age of 4... good times.
The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition

Damn man... that !@@# blew my mind
Lineage 1 for sure! They are actually closing down their servers tomorrow! :( Good 11 year run though!

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