First PC game that really blew your mind

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The first game i ever played and kept playing was Age of Empires 1. But the first game that blew my mind was homeworld 1 back in 1999.
dungeon keeper :)
My first game ever was SC1, got it a week after it came out. Its still one of my favourites but the first game that blew my mind?
I still use the Unreal Editor to this day in the form of UDK :)
Half Life
Sim City.

I may have just dated myself a bit.
Probably Warcraft 2. A friend showed it to me back in 1999, I couldn't get enough.
Age of empires 1, or maybe Command and conquer red alert. Both equally awesome back in the day.
Tough call.

Close Combat.

Or Sim City 2000.

Can't remember which I was addicted to first.
Starcaft... That and Battlefield 2
The King's Quest series.
Tribes 1 easily. I still play Tribes 2 to this day. Everything else was dark and inside, tribes was bright and featured indoor and outdoor environments... just amazing, and that says nothing of the gameplay.
Starcraft 64....hoooly shiat I was like 8 when that was out and it just blew my freaking mind.
Doom 1, I have played at my parent's work, the computer technician let me play at lunch. Needless to say, I was begging them to buy me a desktop after.
Warcraft 2. That game pretty much defined my childhood.
It's hard to remember what the first one was..
I played consoles only for quite a while, so the first PC game that blew my mind was probably Age of Mythology. I don't think I had ever played an RTS before so that game was friggin awesome for me.
Stuff like Warcraft 2 was unfortunately before my time.

Graphically, Doom 3 like 12 years later after playing the original. That game is still scary for me lol.
The original Command and Conquer.
Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne.

The editor was what really blew my mind.

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