First PC game that really blew your mind

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Warcraft 2 and Command and Conquer got me into the epic feel of RTS.

However it was Quake that really blew my mind in terms of atmosphere. I had played Doom, but Quake really nailed the disturbing industrial horror feel that got into my bones.
"In the age of chaos two factions battled for dominance..."
Warcraft 2 3
Diablo 1 2
Duke 3d

I haven't been blown away by a game in 10+ years
Command and Conquer for DOS.
Angry Birds
Probably Warcraft I, honestly. It was probably a while after it originally came out, and I was pretty young, but one of my uncles bought me 2 random computer games as a birthday present. One of them I never installed and don't even remember, and the other was WC1. Really enjoyed playing through it, and I quickly found Warcraft 2 (and possibly Starcraft) after that, and have pretty much been hooked on Blizzard games since then.
Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos.

Dear god the things people have made with the worldeditor over the years...
StarCraft I, DOS Transport Tycoon Deluxe, then, Fallout, I suppose....
Starcraft was my first computer game

then i would say battlefield 2 and counterstrike those were fun games

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos.

Dear god the things people have made with the worldeditor over the years...

I miss the Reign of Chaos days, no bots, people still trying to figure out how to play Night Elf, I was really immersed to that game.
diablo 1, i think i was 9 or 10 and it was soo dark and cool finding the buitcher and all his victims was soo badass.
I'm 13, soooooooooooooo....

Probably CivIII... that game was awesome!
I think it was Diablo, possibly because it was the very first game I've ever played.

Seeing the Butcher at the tender age of 4... good times.

I saw The Butcher in my teenage years and was still terrified. You must have had a rough childhood after that experience.

For me it was either Doom or Warcraft II. Doom would've done it but I was probably too young to have my mind blown (I was around 6 or 7 years old).
Carmegeddon 2
Myst. Before I played Myst, I'd only ever played DOS games on our old 386.
UT 99!

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