First PC game that really blew your mind

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A game called Disk World. It came on like 30 floppy disks Lol. My dad had to help me play it because it was too complicated for me by far (I was only about 5), but that was my first video game experience and yes, it blew my mind.

I still have a VERY old laptop I use it to play this game and few other Dos games.
World of Warcraft.
Halo for PC was the first PC game I remember playing that didn't come pre-installed. The HP I used to play it could barely run it. I remember on the mission "Truth and Reconciliation" getting three or four frames per second inside the ship, and the assault rifle firing as fast as a musket. I loved every second of it. That was my first first person shooter. Then and there I decided I would play video games for the rest of my life.
I started playing it when I was 6!
Hmm I can't recall but it must have been either MechWarrior 3 or Myth: The Fallen Lord. Hell, I remember messing with my old man in MW3 with the Vulture hiding above in one metropolis map.

But there were many that suck long hours daily I can't remember which came first: StarCraft (defiantly at 6 or 7 yrs), Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Dungeon Siege, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Rogue Squadron etcetera. *runs off looking for demos*

Those were sure the days.
I started playing it when I was 6!

Hell yeah man

That looked so incredible when I got it
Tzar: The Burden of The Crown

now THAT is obsolete. but it was soo amazing. First RTS I played, then my 6th grade teacher gave me his copy of starcraft :D
World of Warcraft for sure, I was 13 when I started playing it (back around when it first came out in '04, I started in '05) and the first time I logged in was amazing. The graphics and immersion from just the starting areas really wowed me and I got into it pretty quick (and too much).

Then 3 years later I started to hate it.
Doom for sure
Being old and all, I was around for the early days of video gaming.

Atari...never blew my mind. It was fun but unless you were already old enough when it came out that you remember when there was no such thing as "graphics," it wasn't going to shock anyone.

NES games were mildly impressive. Super Mario Bros was pretty awesome stuff when it came out, but this is also the time frame I really got into games so this was kind of what I considered "standard." Most attempts to make NES games visually impressive...weren't. A few were small achievements, but nothing mind blowing.

Wolfenstein was pretty impressive as a FPS in and of itself, but the gameplay was very simple.

I actually will go with DOOM. When I first saw that, my eyes bugged. The graphics were really good for the time, and the fact that you could go up stairs, move quickly and smoothly, had weapons with various effects, fought a wide variety of enemies, all was just stunning. The music and sounds went beyond mere MIDIs; keep in mind, at this time the fact that the game used stereo sound to indicate a monster's location was revolutionary. The fact that levels were pseudo-3D was amazing. You fought huge crowds of monsters on the screen at the same time, and each was actually acting independently and not just auto-pathing drones, gameplay was varied, and everything was just so smooth and fluid.

It had basically the visual impact in its day that Crysis did in its day.

It also happens to be one of the greatest games ever made, possibly the most influential game ever made and certainly the most influential PC game ever made.
Red Faction

It was the first game that had a story I actually gave a damn about and had some awesome guns.
Empire earth.. brilliant game
I played more then a few games on pc as a kid beforehand, But I'd have to say the one that blew me away especially for a type of game I didn't think i'd like, Was Baldurs Gate 2
If online games count, for me it would be Runescape, back in the EARLY, EARLY days.

If not it would definitley be a tie between Centipede 3D or Sim-City 2000.

but i did LOVE LEMMINGS!

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