First PC game that really blew your mind

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I feel so old :

Master of Orion
X-wing (and Tie fighter that was better but later)
Dune 2
I'd say Warhammer 40k, Dark Crusade. I was never a big computer gamer since I had a !@#$ computer until a few years ago. Now my Ps3 collects dust lol.
The first? Digger.

When I was very young I was afraid of computers. My parents tried all sorts of ways to get me to try out our new machine, and when I finally did I was hooked. I started sneaking downstairs and playing at six in the morning.

I probably obsessed over Warcraft II the most, though. I wanted that game so badly that, while the disc was in the mail, I would go on MS Paint and draw ideas for maps I wanted to make.

Definitely spent a lot of time playing Major Stryker, Sonic 2, Toejam and Earl 2 and Crash Team Racing as well.

Did anyone else play Think Quick? The one where you go through mazes looking for parts to build a knight to fight a dragon? It was an amazing puzzle game with a great (at the time) map editor, but doesn't appear to exist on the internet anywhere. It was the perfect balance of danger/excitement and education/problem solving for young children.
Dragon Warrior 1

This game killed me... I was a huge pencil and paper RPGer in the eighties, and then I discovered that I could play DnD on my Nintendo!
Star Wars Empire at War. It's pretty much the only game I even could get that was Star Wars.
Settler 2 was good
or 大航海時代 by Koei.

Both amazing...
Thief: The Dark Project was fantastic.

Warcraft 2 was up there as well....
It was Diablo 2 that led me into Blizzard, and Warcraft 3 that totally blew my mind

'Til this day, I'm still hoping for a Warcraft 4.
Dune 2, Wolf3D, DOOM.
Probably the original Half Life.
Starcraft was the first one that blew my mind but it pales a bit when I think of homeworld 2, single best campaign ive ever played.

Loved it and still love it.
Freespace 2. It did everything the first game did, but even better, and with more bad-@ssery. And giant lasers.
11/28/2012 01:07 PMPosted by RadioMan
Freespace 2. It did everything the first game did, but even better, and with more bad-@ssery. And giant lasers.

They are Open source now so enjoy more.

while check out this one

Mac game deletes your files: is it malware or is it art?
Modern warfare 3 because they really innovated with taht title. Srs.

Shoot me, now.
WC2! I was honestly put off by Warcraft 1, thought it was just tough rough and tough for me. But the second I saw the cinematics for Warcraft 2 I was hooked. Than the gameplay really sucked me in. Than many years later a game called Planescape: Torment completely took over my life! THose are two that really stick out.
12/02/2012 03:18 AMPosted by AgCl
They are Open source now so enjoy more.

I have. There are some good ones out there, but most of them are so-so quality. The majority of them have the overly used Battle of Endor at the end of them.
Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time for me.

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