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I realize bel bleh get ghosts and mm and some vikings and profit yes i know that. I am wondering what are good openings against a standard toss such has 3 gate xpo, late 4 gate with sentry openings. I feel really dumb because i just get annoyed cuz they expo after get the critical ammount of collosus even tho i out macro them and have 5-3 bases....

just some good solid openings for TvP would be appreciated. Thanks
06/24/2011 11:08 PMPosted by XqusitWretch
2 rax, 1 factory, 1 starport, and an armory. Order doesnt really matter just get them out as fast as possible, constantly building marines/scvs and make sure to drop a scan or scout to make sure youre not being 4 gated. If that is the case make sure to bunker up and scout around base for proxy pylons. Get banshee out of starport and go harass to force your protoss opponent to make stalkers, then get your raven followed by 2-3 thors and several more banshees and by now you should have a solid amount of marines and scvs. A click towards his natural with your raven hotkeyed seperately. Find a good engagement point where he was no choice but to engage (right outside his nat. exp maybe) and throw down your PDD. Stalkers became worthless as well as sentries because thors can walk through FF.... GG

I do something like this except order does matter. Instead of thors I use siege tanks, thors unfortunately get rocked way too hard by immortals. If he spots a raven he knows what's up.

Open with marines, do get the bunker up because with marines you can't survive a single stalker. Wall in.

Get factory down, tech lab. Pump out tanks pretty much nonstop. Do not get siege mode until your fourth tank is started.

Put down a starport and get a raven first. You may need to make a hellion or two in order to afford the gas for the raven. Hellions are great anyway since the toss will probably have a few zealots in his army.

After the raven get a banshee or two (no cloak).

You have two options at this point: all in and lay down more rax or build a command center with surplus minerals. I lay down the command center always but my push works about 90% of the time.

On approach scan ahead for the army. 95% of protosses will expand. Siege up at an appropriate spot. Try to have your PDD forward more.

Rally all new units to the front, you will need banshees, tanks and marines. If you're **!# hot make more depots and rax. If he rails into your army you won't need depots.

Once you take out his natural you siege closer to his base and hope he positions some buildings near the front. The ramp with tanks is AWFUL so if you decide to move up they'll need banshee cover. By this point you should have enough energy for a second PDD as well. Keep in mind because of the vision you get from raven/banshees and the high tank range he can't really force field off the ramp.

This is a very slow push. Some people like to build bunkers as they push in order to hold the position easier. When this push finishes the toss might have a colossus out, who cares. Your tanks will kill it in two rounds of shots.
It's odd that you ask about openers then go on to say you out-macro them and have 3-5 bases. I've started a Terran blog that I will add to later. One of the TvP openers on small maps I'm loving right now is the 2rax Bomber has been doing. It's very safe and allows you to FE behind pressure.
Bad game, the Protoss was terrible, but when the Protoss isn't you get your second base up safely
troublemaker it sure sounds like the build u gave me is a late polt push if im correct so basically if he expos i go kill him?
xenos ive tried 2 rax but if they are good with their worker micro/get a stalker out it wont do to much dmg and then they will 4 gate me.
Then you're doing it wrong
Scout and try to track the location of his army and tech structures. Make the right decisions and you will win.

If early pressure from toss, bunker up, else put early pressure on yourself (5-6 minutes). And if the protoss player always clumps their army into a ball, go for a fast EMP. Just remember key times for warp gates or dark shrine if you're unable to scout.

Against zerg however, once the spire is up, you have lost ;)
I do something very similar to the above builds but it hits WAY earlier.

Get the rax and reactor it
Get the factory and build a techlab
Build a SP
Lift the factory and place SP on the tachlab
have the factory build a reactor
build another barracks (to be placed on the reactor)
build a raven (as soon as the SP is on the lab)
build an armory when you have the gas
lift factory and build a final techlab, place barracks on reactor (you should have been pumping marines this whole time)
If you play it right, you should have almost exactly 300/200 when the armory finishes... build a thor
build a banshee when you have the gas
when the thor pops, rally everything to it and move out, keep producing (the banshee will catch up)
start another thor (this can be done exactly when the 1st thor pops if you were constantly producing marines. The next banshee will be exactly when the first one pops too)
When you engage, use PDD when they are forced to commit. ROFLstomp their army.

Make sure you get your 2nd gas after the 1st worker that you build after the OC is done pops. First gas is on 13.

Keep producing SCVs, and make sure you don't get supply blocked (build a supply depot when you are one production cycle away from supply cap; this time will quickly get shorter as the build progresses). This build moves out at 9:00 (+/- 5 seconds). You should have ~25 marines, 1 thor, 1 raven, and 1 banshee when you hit, with 4-8 marines re-enforcing as well as one thor and 1 banshee coming.

I'd upload a replay, but SC2 replayed is down.

This only really dies to a FE into mass gateway build. Any sort of tech will put their army too far behind to beat you. (Immortals dont work because you focus them with marines, collosus don't work because they are awful against thors in small numbers)

If he void pushes, he will should hit just as you que your first banshee. Use marines to hold it off and build a viking instead. Push at the same time and go win. Void pushes are auto-lose against this build (just make sure your barracks re-enforcements are rallied inside your base instead of to your thor so they can't just fly in and win)

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