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The recovery team landed on the derelict platform.
"frakk boss, they wiped this place clean."
"Yeah, but where is the strike team. They should be here."
"Heh maybe their havin' some cake in the lower levels."
"Wait..." The commander picked up some sort of recording device.
"Boss... whats that?"
"Voice recorder... seems something got the team. I'll play it." He pressed the play button.
"Is this damn thing on!... Good, if your listening to this my team and i are probably dead... we were sent here to clean up Mobius' mess, they had some sort of science lab here, the AI in control of this place SODaLG went rouge... go down the hallway and take a right... I hooked up my helmet's feed to the console in there... it'll show you everything... recorder off."
The men were now quite confused. But they followed the directions of the recording. They walked into the room. A marine suit sat next to a console. One of the men opened the visor revealing a skeleton.
"Stay calm boys... lets just see what we need to and leave."
The commander started up the console.


should i continue?
hmm if you do you should give them names
You sure like Portal. Lol. Valve has good games. Go ahead, continue, I need more reading material :D
06/23/2011 11:50 PMPosted by Galvian
hmm if you do you should give them names

The main focus will be what happened to the kill team so the kill team members will have names but the faceless grunts in the intro will not.

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