Will blizzard ever fix bnet0.2?

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oh and now for the last 3-4 days points havent been given/taken on ladder, no fix yet
B.Net 2.0 is far worse than B.Net 1.0.

For all of those **#%!ing about 1v1 Noob games only, don't join them. And hell, for that matter, B.Net 2.0 is known for putting !!@@ty teams together anyway.

Custom maps such as Big Game Hunters, which was what majority of Brood War played, is completely missing, probably cause those games don't mean !!@@ for this "ladder and league" style of play Blizzard implemented. Basically, Blizzard has forced you to play on their generated maps, teams, and leagues if you want any sort of record or competition.

Chat channels have been completely removed, once again Blizzard enforcing its control over its players. Although they did insert those 8 or so special channels that are completely helpless.

Sure B.Net 1.0 needed a makeover with graphics. But destroying every good aspect of the original and popular B.Net and creating a much worse B.Net with no user control is absurd.

But knowing how Blizzard functions, they will probably insert these features back into SC2 with the upcoming expansions in order to win over the majority of the lost SC1 population.

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