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i was beating completely favored people and gaining no points what so ever. and i havent been able to lose points either and it is really annoying. is the season ending or something?? because something weird is happening. Please fix Blizzard.
is this happening to anyone else??
Yeah this happened like last week too, the ladder is broken again and Blizz has yet to give us any word on why or if they are trying to fix it.

And every match comes up "favored" because the system is messed up.
Just won a game where my team was favored. Got no points, or even a win added to my 3v3 win total for that matter. Ladder might be broken again.
ya.. the system is messed, it seemed to be fixed for about a day, now its back to being broken.
I played placement matches with a 4v4 team, went 5-0 didn't get placed, we played another one to try it out, lost that game, but still no placement.
When i go to Multiplayer tab when in the party, it says, "play 1 placement match to be placed in season 2"

btw, this was not a team i played with at all in season 1...

so yea its definitely not working

EDIT: i just checked my other random 4v4 game i played today, and i lost 13 points,
so taking points away seems to be working for me at least
Same problem here.. bnet has gotta get on the ball... this is starting to make me wonder if Diablo3 would be worth the headaches online play will have :(
The point of the league system is for its competitiveness. Getting no points for wins is a major bug and eliminates the point of playing the ladder completely. Play custom games until blizzard fixes the problem or, you can hop back on sc1 bnet which still works fine. :)
Ahh, yet another horrible job on Blizzard's part. Starcraft BW for the win.
the point system was working this morning/afternoon. now it doesn't work again. this really getting annoying -.-

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