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They picked 2 zerg and 1 terran all three games and did the same cheese all three games.

And you lost to the same cheese all three games. I think there's a bigger problem here than matchmaking.

It's actually pretty darn ridiculous especially when the bases are separated.

(probably the reason why i'm trying to move back to 1v1s.)
Am I the only 1 who doesn't consider playing the same people more than once perfectly normal?

All I want is to be matched with ppl around my skill lvl which the system does perfectly fine. I'm really missing the point how you can blame the game for losing to the same thing 3 times in a row wihout ever adapting.

In fact, isn't it the exact definition of stupidity: not being able to adapt to a new situation to overcome it?
Maybe you should learn how the system works before you bash it.
06/29/2011 01:10 PMPosted by WoodShadow
I was in THREE STRAIGHT games


Matchmaking isn't broken, they just don't care about AT vs RT.
1st problem - team games

2nd problem - random teammates

the game is balanced around 1v1 and should always be balanced around 1v1.
this is why almost nobody takes team games seriously.

I hate it when people say this. The game is not balanced for 1v1; it is balanced for solo and team play.

The reason why Blizzard nerfed Reapers to the ground was because of team games. A range buff for Roaches would have satisfied 1v1 but for 2v2 it was not enough. Reaper and Speedling was too deadly and ruined 2v2 so Blizzard increased Reaper build time and made the Factory a requirement for Nitro Pack.
LOL QQ about LOLteams, who cares?

Play 1v1, its good. just got cheesed, deal with it, 3v3's don't matter for *@%!, i go carriers in 3v3 for God's sake...
Team game balance is broke, but nothing will be done about it.
Here you go Blizzard, here is an example of your garbage program at work (Pun intended of course, cause majority of the time it doesn't even work.)

I don't think that's a pun, more of a ironic statement, and perhaps you could make an argument for personification.

In all seriousness though, while RTvAT is terrible, blizzard has already addressed that they don't want to separate the two because that will add to the time it takes to create a game.

In NA it may not take long, but I would imagine the separation in less populated servers such as LA would cause very long wait times (I've heard it already takes about 10 minutes to find a game as it is).
I thank you all greatly for further proving my point... A company makes a game that is flawed in a way, but avoids fixing it, because they are either to lazy or can't find a solution, despite 1.0 working perfectly...

And I would love to see one of you individuals who claim "how could you lose to the same %%%# three times" play a random game and muster a win out of the same scenario. You'd be here doing the same thing. But then again, you play 1v1s, a completely different aspect. So your justification is....?

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