Quiting Smoking and Weight Gain

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First off I figured I would post my problem in these forums because I can relate to you all far better than anywhere else.

Last week I quit smoking and have been off of it for good. However what I didn't realize was that now I am gaining weight at an alarming rate, I think I have gained 5 pounds in only 1 damn week. Now if I was a civilian I wouldn't care, but I'm active duty in the US Marine Corps and I have a max weight to keep under, and I am only 1 lbs from that.

I told myself I wouldn't smoke again, but I can't stand the idea of being overweight. I work out every day, but I am still picking up the weight. I'm thinking about just starving myself and only eating dinner along with working out a lot harder. If it doesn't show results within a few days I think I might have to return to past habits.

Any suggestions are welcome.

- Lex
Ever thought that you're actually gaining the weight in muscle?
!!@% man, that sucks. Starving yourself would be a last resort, but Galvian has a point. Don't work out so hard, rather running is better than doing pushups if you wanna lose weight. I would only recommend going back to smoking if all else fails.

Good luck man, I'm so @%%@ing sorry :(
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Good luck man, I'm so @%%@ing sorry :(

Same from me

and maybe change up your diet a lil. I've got a friend that lost like 40 pounds just by changing his diet a lil.

All he did was not eat meat (or very little) whenever he ate something with starch in it like rice or bread and he did the same with the starch whenever he ate meat he'd eat less starch than usual
Well....Smoking kills. Be glad you quit, although.

Drink more water. That helped me drop some weight in a week. 3 or so pounds?
The smoking is probably not the reason you're gaining weight. You have to take a good look at what you're eating and drinking, and how often/what times you're eating and drinking.

My suggestion to you is to do the following:

1. Eat 5 - 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 bigger meals. What this does is keep your body constantly fueled, but provides the same amount of calories. What then happens is that your body recognizes that it is getting food frequently and kick starts your metabolism to use the energy provided by the food. With a higher metabolism, you will burn your weight faster.

2. Drink strictly water and milk. Your body needs water in order to metabolize food. Your cells are made mostly of water, and hydrated cells make better use of the food you eat. Milk contains a fair amount of protein which will be good for muscle gain. Muscle mass constantly burns fat for energy, even while you rest, and will help you lose the weight.

3. Cut out all your crap. Any sort of sweets, chips/snacks, and stay off the cigarettes. They do nothing for your health and should be avoided for obvious reasons.

4. Do your cardio, but build more muscle. Cardio is great and there's no excuse not to do it; however, cardio only burns fat and calories while you are doing it. Once you're done running, and your body calms down, you stop burning calories, because the work is over. Muscle on the other hand, as I said above, requires constant energy and will burn fat and calories even while you sleep.

You said you're on active duty in the Marine Corps. right now, so I assume you're in pretty good shape. I don't know how feasible the advice I've given is, due to your schedule, but try and follow it and you'll definitely see results.

Good luck and stay off the cigarettes. My mother, aunt, and uncle, all quit smoking months ago and I couldn't be more happy. It's tough, but hang in there and you'll be fine.
When you quit cold turkey your body goes into shock as if you were starving yourself.

If you quit cold turkey don't be surprised if you put on 15-20 lbs.

The best way to quit is to gradually ween yourself off, quit drinking any sort of alcohol for a while, and do cardio.

Just do your best to ignore cravings and gradually lower yourself down.

I haven't quit yet but I went from a pack a day to about 5 cigarettes a day this month...
Maybe since you stopped smoking you can taste food better? So you like it more
I was in the same boat as you a about five months ago man. I started running again and slowly started losing the weight that i gained too. Now i'm back to my 'smoker's weight' but without the heavy lungs. Running/jogging + a healthy diet is your best bet at losing the weight.

If you are serious about losing weight: keep in mind that most people only need 2500 calories a day. A soldier overseas much need a max 3500 - depending on how much physical labor you do.

As an ex-smoker, I can promise you that going back to smoking is the 'easy' way out that will harm you more in the long run.

best of luck & keep me posted
well i have heard that smoking makes you not as hungry
maybe you are eating more now?
Id trade not smoking for gaining weight. But then again i smoke 2 packs a day :s
start doing MMA it really helps with cardio and and will give u a fun way to keep in shape
Congrats on quitting. Your lungs will thank you.

I've heard that a little weight gain after quitting is normal. Just set yourself up a routine, probably with more running, and you should be fine.

For that weight limit, what sort of leeway do you get?

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