When to use Archons?

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And not as just HT is out of energy fodder, is there ever a situation where you build Archons for archons sake?

I tried a chargelot archon build vs T but he was pretty bad. It rolled him but I expected it to with how bad he was.
ARchon/HT/Acrhon is way better then gateway/trollosus
Against sentry heavy play, Against mass ling/hydra or ling/bling/infestor, or if you can trap MM Archons are awesome.
Should you keep a few HT with storm mixed into the group?
A couple of months ago,someone posted a unit composition that's absolutely amazing vs T

You use Archon when you're energy is spent. I usually go DT harass right now though and make archons when they get too much detection and dt's are useless, THEN get templar
Mass sentry, ling or marine play are all devastated by just a few archons with chargelot backup.
Archons are a nice addition to an army if you're up against ling/muta
When ur opponent dosen't MMM anymore and you have lots of HTs
chargelot/archon/Immortal or chargelot/archon/sentry is quite strong. And yeah, you keep HT's with storm, like 6 of them, around. The Immortals basically replace Stalkers and Sentries in any unit comp - it's an either/or scenario. You cut colossi because you don't have enough gas for them, and you want a robo for observers.

Sentries aren't bad to add in instead of immortals, but you'll only have a sprinkling of them since it was pretty much designed to run off two bases. Once you have a third mining base you should drop a Stargate and start pumping Voids and Pheonixes, since anything that's going to realistically challenge chargelot/Archon/Immortal requires air power to beat.
after dt rush, stay zealot/sentry and make archons, get ups, and watch everything melt. u have to have more than 4 archons, tho.

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