Warrior's Way Ch. 3

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Chapter 3

Chike's feet touched creep. "Finally, we are close enough.", He made contact with the carrier one more time, "Have the scouts switch to their missiles and concentrate on the nydus worms.". The scouts banked off to the right and swooped around to the east side of the base. Chike took one more glance at them then climbed back into the fight. The zerg army was crumbling and the Protoss gained more and more ground. Chike could see explosions in the zerg base and received confirmation from the pilots that the nydus worms were eliminated.

"Retreat.", Chike exclaimed. A few were hesitant but eventually turned around and ran for the mountains. A few high templars ran ahead then turned around and started meditating heavily. Clouds rolled in quickly and blanketed the Zerg army that feebly tried to give chase. All of a sudden lightning shot forth, screams and cries of pain could be heard from the disgusting Zerg race, forcing them to retreat. Suddenly Chike felt a presence in his mind, "It's Edarium, Chike. You need to get out of there, the base you assaulted called for reinforcements and, as we speak, they are attempting to cut your troops off.".

Chike could see the shuttles coming across the peaks as the troops and himself reached the base of the mountain. "Come on, come on, come on.", Chike wished. The shuttles landed down and the remaining Protoss climbed in quickly. Taking off as soon as they were loaded up, the ships gained altitude and cleared the peaks at full speed. "Zerg air forces incoming.", One of the pilots told Chike. Chike looked out the window as scourge were plowing into the carrier. The massive warship cracked in half and emitted a bright blue glow. It hovered for a few seconds then plunged into the ground, exploding with crackling energy.

The scouts were nowhere to be seen, likely met the same fate. Mutalisks came around and started picking off shuttles left and right. The pilots started dispersing and executing evasive maneuvers. Chike noticed some stalkers on the ground, trying to reach them. The shuttle finally got past the stalkers and then the mutalisks fled while under stalker fire. When the ship landed, Chike climbed out and counted the remaining troops. He headed to the chart room to report, his head hung low.

As he entered, Executor Zandaris sat alone, "Ah Chike, I'm glad to see that you made it
back.". Chike couldn't make eye contact, "The target has been eliminated, Executor. We lost nearly everyone, only seventy eight have returned. I've failed you, Executor.". "Listen here, Chike.", Zandaris commanded, "This is war. You HAVE to get past those feelings. There was nothing else you have could have done there. You are a great warrior and I'm proud to have you serve with me. After seeing the amount of Zerg forces at that base, I had doubts that the attack would work but you got the job done. You exceeded my expectations and that is all you need to be worried about. Now go get some rest, you've earned it."

"Thank you, Executor. En taro Tassadar." Chike replied

"En taro Tassadar, Chike.". While Zandaris' words comforted him, Chike still felt a tinge of guilt. He exited the chart room and headed to his sleeping quarters. His mind raced as he took off his power armor and laid it on the table, slipping on his robes. "What could I have done differently? How could I be so stupid! Its whatever, screw it. I don't even care anymore.". As soon as he laid down, his body and mind so exhausted, Chike fell into a deep sleep.

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