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From the author of Base of Operations - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2522463102

A slender protoss male walks through the entry way to his living quarters. He had just come from a meeting of the military powers. While he is just a master, he is allowed to bear witness to the actions of the Executors. He keeps his thoughts low so as to not disturb any others within the area. The fatigue of many wars shows in his visage. Feelings of happiness and contentment have been shunned away from years of pain and suffering. Auir was dear to him, many family members of his were obliterated in the onslaught. Their spirits, so torn asunder, could not be revived to find glory once more for the Protoss.

Even the Executors decisions could not break him from the constant feeling of helplessness. He would be going to war, at least for glory. "Why can't I break these tortuous sentiments!" he screams within his mind and only notices the presence of other Protoss after ominous brooding. Sitting down, beginning to meditate is the only thing that makes him feel somewhat at peace. He notices a figure walk in the room as the Nerazim unveils himself, unfolding the void that once concealed him.

"What do you want, Dark Templar." the male exclaims.

"Calm down, Master Chike. I will ignore that outburst for now." Master Edarium thought sharply.

Chike lowers his mental power. "I'm.. I'm.. sorry."

Edarium focus' his link with Chike. "What troubles you, young one?"

"None of your..! I.. I just can't break this feeling of hatred and emptiness." Chike replies.

Edarium's brow slackens and he looks on in sympathy. "I know what it is that you brood on, Brother. I was not there to bear witness to the atrocity but, through the void, I felt the loss of so many of our brethren. We shall reclaim our glory and our homeworld one day, by each other's side.".

Chike gives Edarium a nod "I must get back to my meditation. En taro Tassadar, Master Edarium.".

"En taro Tassadar, Master Chike. I will meet up with you in the Assembly room.". Edarium thinks.

Several hours later, Chike emerges from his living quarters. The protoss male stands up to his full height and spreads his arms out, embracing the fresh air and beating sun. Feeling good that he can once again pick up his Psi Blades and tear through the enemy ranks. He is greeted by instructor Telsadus. "Heading over to the Assembly room, Chike?". Telsadus cheerfully inquires. Chike ignores him and starts walking towards the Assembly room. "Come on, Chike. Today is a glorious day." Telsadus shouts as he tries to catch up. "I do not wish to be disturbed, Telsadus. Many things trouble me in these dark days." Chike replies. Telsadus says "Ji hous, the battlefield it is then.".

The assembly room lies ahead of Chike. The glorious structure rises high into the sky. The gleaming Protoss metals shine and bring warmth to Chike's heart. Bright lights aligned along the pyramid-like structure are filled with psionic energy, waiting to warp the gathered warriors into the heat of battle. As Chike enters the structure, he glides his hand along the walls in the passageway. He walks down to the armory and finds a power armor suit that fits his standards. He slips it on and locks the psi blade gauntlets in his fist.

After getting equipped, He heads into the main hall where thousands of his brethren have gathered. The telepathic chatter fills his head. Chike notices once of his old friends and focuses in on him. "Orrikrok, It's so good to see you.". Orrikrok turns around and his eyes widen as if in disbelief. His left arm has a huge scar running down it and several smaller scars align his face. "Master Chike, Why I haven't seen you since we took down that group of hydralisks back on Auir. You were just a disciple then." Orrikrok responds. "Time flies. It will be good to fight by your side again, Brother." Chike replies.

The chatter in the room subsided as Executor Zandaris stepped up onto the pedestal. "Brethren! We are gathered here today to aid our brothers." Zandaris bellows. "The zerg are advancing on this distant planet. The defenses are failing. We shall not let them gain any more ground! Smash that impudent race with the unyielding fury that we possess. This will not be easy but WE.. WILL.. PREVAIL!".

A massive roar erupts from the gathered troops "Ji hous! Ji hous! Ji hous! To the First Born!". Many initiate their psi blades and pump them into the air, ready for the glory that is to come.
The ranks begin to march forward. It's an amazing sight to see, stalkers, zealots, high templar and Nerazim, all as one. Chike reassures himself "One foot after the other, Chike. This is no time to dwell on the past.". The warp gate activates and whirs as it consumes the giant protoss faction in its maw. One rank after another disappear into the great beyond. Chike gets closer and closer then his world went black.

Chike finds himself among lush fields. He looks around and sees not one of his brethren. As he looks up, large comets blaze through the atmosphere and one such comet lands a few klicks away from him. He begins rushing over to the crash site, psi blades at the ready. The comet cracks open and a few zerglings jump out. Chike braces himself and finally decides to lunge at the waiting enemy. He kicks off his left foot and leaps into the air, slamming his right psi blade into the skull of one of the zerglings.

The enemy doesn't waste time and rushes. Chike is more than ready, he throws a few quick jabs then pivots and uppercuts a lunging zergling, slicing its belly in half. As he stands among the dead, he notices a building that is on fire. "I know this place, this is my family's home!". Chike falls to his knees and tries to suppress the feelings. Unbeknownst to him, a hydralisk lurks behind the comet. It slithers out behind him and lets out a plethora of needle spines. Chike gasps as the needles push straight through his body. "This can't be happening.".

Chike wakes up back in the Assembly room, next in line to wonder into the warp gate. He looks around to make sure he didn't create a scene but nothing had changed. Orrikrok slaps a hand onto his shoulder and the duo walk side by side into the darkness. Chike put one foot down and despite the emptiness in the warp gate, it had ground and it was firm. With both feet in, the warp gate initiated and suddenly he felt a great force on his body. Propelling him somewhere where he was actually needed. Chike closed his eyes.

When he felt fresh air on his face, Chike opened his eyes. There he stood, next to a photon cannon. The large ball was floating and drawing power from the base. After a few seconds, it charged up and focused all its energy towards the battlefield. His eyes followed the psionic energy ball and watched it slam into a hydralisk, incinerating it. "Right, the battle." He thought to himself. Up ahead, he noticed Orrikrok taking off at full sprint.

Chike relaxed himself and powered up his psi blades. He dashed to go help his brethren. Orrikrok was already knee deep in zerg body parts, slicing and hacking. As Chike got there, a zergling unburrowed and lunged at Orrikrok, one of his last surviving friends. Chike picked up speed and rammed straight into the zergling, pinning it to the ground and stabbing it quickly.

The two gracefully plow into the zerg lines, the other watching the others back.
Orrikrok issues forth a challenging war cry and to Chike it seemed as if the zerg hesitated. "Good time to capitalize.". His psi blades once again rip through the helpless enemy. With all the reinforcements now through the warp gate, the Protoss begin to push the massive zerg brood back. After every inch gained, every single Protoss issued forth an astounding war cry. "Na Adan Atum!". Another inch gained, "Jakul Nnacht!", in beautiful harmony with each other.

"I expected that to be a bit more challenging, Brother" Chike points out. "Well, with us two thrashing about, I'd be half tempted to tuck tail and run as well." Orrikrok playfully retorts.

End Chapter 1
Despite the small victory, the outlying planet that they currently fought on had to be cleansed. Master Edarium, Executor Zandaris and High templar Thraos were in the chart room, getting live feedback from the observers. As Master Chike entered the room, a hologram shot up from the command table. It was projecting the planet itself with a blue glow where the Protoss were currently encamped. The rest of the planet had an eerie red glow encompassing it. One could only guess what that signified.

Chike took a seat on the outer edge of the room, leaning forward to appear as if interested. He only cared about slaughtering the enemy, who had time for strategy when he himself could cut a swath all the way to the core of the zerg infestation. Chike was at his best after a glorious battle, adrenaline still pumping. Mainly because all thoughts were suppressed to the back of his mind. Warriors don't feel pain, warriors don't feel anguish. " I have a job to do ". " What was that, Master Chike?" Executor Zandaris questioned.

"Nothing, just meditating, Executor.", Chike replied. Edarium interjected "Look here, Observer number fifty four, the zerg are gathering for another assault just to the northeast of our position. We have to meet them in combat before they muster to many forces."

"Patience, young one." High templar Thraos uttered "I've defended this planet for over a century. What better than to use the terrain to our advantage.". He raised his 3 fingered hand and pointed at a spot on the hologram. The hologram started to distort and change shape, growing flat with terrain features. It showed a mountainous region nearly four klicks to the northeast. Three corridors were the only routes through the mountains. " This is where we fight. ".

Executor Zandaris was intrigued. "There's no other passageway that would allow the Zerg to get a flank on us? That would surely crush our plans". "No, but there is one problem." Thraos told the gathered "Here on observer number six". He pointed at one of the screens. "The Zerg have perfected their nydus technology. If even one of these is to complete behind us, we are doomed. We need to send out a portion of our army to dispatch the ones on this planet."

Zandaris looked on grimly for awhile, "How much of a portion, High templar.". "I would say just an expeditionary force, maybe an eighth of our standing forces.", Thraos responded. Zandaris nodded, "That's doable. Master Chike, your leading this expedition. I want those nydus worms gone before nightfall."

"Your command is my wish, Executor." Chike gleefully answered. To himself he thought, "Finally a challenge for me to prove myself.". He got up off his seat and headed out the door to assemble the troops. Edarium followed him out the door to speak with him, "Good luck with your task, Chike.". Chike turned around and gave him a nod, " I shall make the First born proud.".

"Just be careful out there, it will be no easy task.", Edarium suggested. Chike looked on in respect, "Edarium, this is my chance to exact vengeance. I know what it is that your thinking. I need this, not just for the sake of this campaign but for me. Maybe.. Just maybe, I will be able to put my past behind me."

"En Taro Adun, Master Chike."

"En Taro Adun, Master Edarium."

Chike walked away with a step in his stride that screamed pride, screamed glory.
Six hundred strong, all gathered at the shipyard. Chike paced back and forth in front of his troops, waiting for the command to initiate the assault. Shuttles were fired up and ready to ferry the eagerly to their targets. High templar Thraos was gracious enough to lend his carrier to Chike for the attack. It floated over by the edge of the mountains where they would be dropped. Chike looks up and notices Telsadus sprinting over to him. "Chike, glad to see you. Zandaris has given the orders. Time to move out. I'll be coming with you as well.", Telsadus spews out.

Chike focuses his attention on the troops, "Listen up, brethren. We've been through the plan, let us get this over with. Load up into the shuttles.". He turns around and hops into his own shuttle along with Orrikrok and Telsadus. As the shuttles lift off, an escort of scouts follow them closely. The carrier pivoted in its spot and started gaining momentum towards the Zerg base. The shuttles glide along and avoid the carrier, zooming past it. They clear the peak of the mountains and dive lower towards the ground.

Chike notices that the scouts broke off to go deal with a mutalisk patrol. "Just need to get my feet on the ground.". He says a quick prayer and feels the landing pads engage. The hatch hisses open and Chike hops out. Once the Protoss exited the ship, it immediately lifted off and headed back to the other side of the mountain. The ships will be waiting for the retreat command. Looking around, the zerg must not be aware of their presence just yet.

"Warriors! Advance!", Chike bellowed. The zerg base was not too far. The scouts came back and patrolled the skies, screeching across the open air. Many of the Protoss looked up into the sky, watching the massive Carrier float towards their destination. When the Zerg base came into sight, the earth beneath the troops started to rumble. The Zerg were now marching towards the party, every type of filthy creature the Zerg possessed could be seen in the army.

The interceptors began emptying out of the carrier as if someone had disturbed a vicious bee hive. They rushed forward and the scouts followed suit. The ground troops started out at a jog and then ran in at full speed. The two armies clashed. Chike lunged into the air with both fists above his head and brought both psi blades down on a helpless hydralisk.

Telsadus ran in with Chike, both arms stretched out to their full wingspan. Telsadus then bent his knees and spun around as the horde attempted to surround him, chopping off legs and slicing abdomens wide open. A hydralisk was then attempting to sneak up on Chike but all of a sudden an interceptor swept down and obliterated the hydralisk with a few bursts. The battle became brutal, a lot of his troops began falling. They were too confident. "Where is Telsadus now?", Chike thought.

Telsadus was now several feet ahead of him, too far for his own good. Chike started fighting with more fury to try and reach him, "Telsadus! Get back here!". As Telsadus turned around, an ultralisk lumbered up to him and promptly sliced him in half. Chike nearly lost his balance and rage began to fill him up. He stared down at the ultralisk and drew his body up to its full height. The ultralisk began to go wild, stomping over its own brethren to reach Chike.

Chike rolled off to the side and landed in a squat. He charged at the side of the ultralisk and stuck his psi blade in its back leg. Using the psi blades as ice picks, he started climbing on top of the ultralisk. The ultralisk started going even more berzerk, trampling over anything in its path. Bucking as if trying to get its enemy off its back but to no avail, Chike had made his way to the head and raised his psi blade and plunged it into the ravenous beasts head. It made a few more desperate cries before collapsing. Chike hopped off and sliced two more zerglings when he hit the ground.

The scouts came back around and strafed the front lines, creating a significant gap in the line between the two armies. It was a surreal moment where not a single being moved. The troops rallied around Chike and reformed the line. "Na Adan Atum", Chike wailed. "Jakul Nnacht" was the response from his brethren. Chike was the first to run towards the enemy, his troops following suit. The battle raged on as the sun began to disappear over the horizon.

Chike pulled himself back from the battle with all his will and made a psionic link to the carrier. "We need to take this attack on in. We are running out of time, gather the remaining scouts and let us make ourselves a hole.". On cue, the starships all rallied around the carrier. They streaked forward and initiated all of their weapon capabilities. The ground troops wiped up all of the injured enemy and began pushing forward.

"This is OUR time! Ji Hous!"

Ch.3 soon
Very well written, I have enjoyed reading. Thank you for your hard work:)
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I have enjoyed reading

Thanks ^^
Post if you like. Ch. 2 pt. 1 is up
Ch. 2 pt. 2 is up

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