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Day 16: Matt let me drive the Hyperion for a while. Accidentally crashed it into an asteroid. IT WAS AWESOME
Day 17: Tychus broke my jukebox, so I roflstomped him with some random electric cord.
day 18: realized the crystal in the lab doesn't steal the energy from the hyperion. that sucks, i wanted to see another crash.

also, Tychus is still stuck.
Day 19: Got drunk with Matt last night. Not sure what happened, but when I woke up we were both naked and covered in blood. Also that Zerg sample was found outside of the vat and covered in white stuff. We shot it into space before anyone could get a closer look.

Oh, and Tychus' space marine pants are gone, though he is still stuck.
Day 20: We went to a planet and found a HUGE MUTHA FUKIN LAZA! *Earlier that day* I went streaking and screamed IMMA A FIRIN MA LAZA!
Day 21: Got contacted by a sexy dominion ghost. Was torn between going for her or my picture of Kerrigan.
Day 22: Was exploring a colony and met Selendis. Kerrigan can go to Char (the Sc2 equivalent of heck?). I'm visiting Shakuras tomorrow, *wink *wink.
Day 23: Oh dear God. You do not want to know what Protoss genitals look like. Little Jimmy was not happy.
Day 24: Found out I'm drunk
Day 25: I !@#$ in Tychus's mouth while he's asleep, he'll probally be pissed at me for %^-*ting in his mouth while he's asleep.
Day 26: let's form an allience with the UED and give Mengsk a smack down but first we must make way to earth.
Day 27: We decided that Earth was too far away so Matt decided to turn the Hyperion back around for Mar Sara. Matt says the crew is getting out of hand and we need some shore leave.

Stetman says there was a medical gas leak into the main ventilation shaft for the past 3 days that Swann just patched up. Stetman says we need to keep an eye out sudden insanity in crew members from the gas exposure, but its only a "4.2% chance of occurring".
Day 28: Stetman told me it was a mistake in calculations, thats 42% not 4.2%. Explains where all the stims went.....
Day 29: After yesterdays mess, I went down to the armory and played in the Viking. I figured that since lost Viking was so easy and simple (highest score except for stettman) I knew this couldnt be that hard. It was all fun and games until someone lost a hand. Swann never did get that hand back..
Day 30: !@#$ you Atlas.
Day 31: Was playing tag with Swann and Tychus in the Hyperion's lab. We knocked Stetman's Pepto Bismol into the Baneling tank. It died. The resulting discovery has now saved the lives of thousands of marines.
Day 32: We went to Tarsonis and stopped some trains with HUGE MOTHER@%$!ING RAIL GUN TANKS! Also the drivers are robots.
Day 33: Hanson...Kerrigan...Nova......

...random Colonist...

Day 34: I'm not sure what to do now, so I'll look in that green crystal thingy that Zeratul gave me.

**A few hours later**

Damm, the Overmind sure has a twisted mind. I'll go play Lost Viking for 10 hours straight so I can forget!

**10 hours later**

Wad da hek ya doin, Matt? No mizzons righ now, ah am completely drunk an' ah can't see a dam dhang.
"What the heck have you been doing for the last 15 hours, Jim?"
Ah was plain' Loost Vikking. Didn't yah see mah high scoore? Ah got OVER 9,000!!!

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