Add on to "A day in a life of Jim Raynor."

Joeyray's Bar
Day 35: Damn, i'm out of ideas....hmph...maybe i'll go bug Swan and see what he's planning on doing with them spidermines we got, might make some good beercan holders......
Day 36: I was reachin fo ma beer and it sploded......note to self no more spida min beercon holdaz *vomits*
Day 37: Meh, maybe there'll be something actually good on tv today....

*Watches for 5 hours straight*

Well, i learned they got Ipistols and Nukenoodles, I'ma look into them ipistols, might replace mah revolver here for one...maybe actually get more then one damn bullet too....
Day 38: We rescuded tem boays, found tat tey were totured by sum pup-tard kat tat shot ranbows ot of its aess..... imma go make some dinnar from tyat crub tats alwuys in ta armury!

*Goes into the armory*

HAY! THAR TYAT CRUB! *chases swann*
Day 39: I have Diarrhea, so i !@#$ in Matt's mouth as punishment for saying that the Zerg are cool.
Day 40: Why the heck aren't we using the Odin anywhere else?
Day 41: We decided to go terrorize Korhal with the odin after a parade, While there, we cracked open this weird sciencey place, i guess it was called a "Science Facility" before Tycus stepped on it with the Odin. A weird blue disk drive popped out of it, and Matt took it before i asked wtf it was....O.o
Day 42: We just went to a space station in the middle of nowhere and bust it open. found out mensk truly is a heartless basterd when we found his weird thingies stettmen seems obssessed with calling 'hybrids' and ran away from a giant invincable monstor! thank god I hadn't paid the people that acompanied me before the job...

OOC: When I did the mission, only Raynor made it out, and with red hp.
Day 43: ....damn, if only the campaign was this long, lol....
Day 44: found out that stalkers aren't crabs......
Day 45: found out that the zealots don't say "My wife for hire"
Day 46: ....I agree with the ghost on this one...."the Female ghosts get better equipment"
Day 47: busted open a prison today. Nothing interesting. Gave some big speech on Char. Boring. I think I'll go get wasted. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
Day 49: Idk what happened. I remember we had this awesome party down in the cantina, many guys from around the ship were there i think. I remember asking for a drink and WHAM. I'm in my quarters, beerstains on the floor, drunk dude in the corner muttering to himself, and its TWO DAYS LATER. O.o
Day 50: Well, it was about time that Valerian showed up. Why'm'I working with him, anyway? My life for the past 49 days has consisted of getting drunk and blowing up his stuff. ...Maybe if I get HIM DRUNK TOO, HE'LL FORGET AND WE CAN BE HAPPY HAPPY FRIENDS!!! AND WE CAN WATCH MY LITTLE PONY TOGETHER! YAY!
Day 51: Drunk again. I think. Kinda confused.
Day 87: Apparently i blacked out for a while...
Day 629: wtf just happened!
Day 45607: Okay, I think i know what's going on. Every time i touch the artifact, it goes a few hundred years in the future. Sadly, everyone's dead, and the Hyperion's crashed into an asteroid, the cold space air seeping in-OH !@#$! THERE"S NO AIR IN SPACE! *dies*
Day 45608: oh I found out how to fix all of this.......I have to not kill Kerrigan...................!@#$#**#**

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