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Below are some FFA builds/strategies that, while they won't win you the game, will bring you the amusement and gratitude of the other three players. Or perhaps irritate everyone in the match, depending on how much you disrupt the flow of combat with your shenanigans.

#1: Complementary Depot Wall Build (CDWB)

At the start of the game, you send one of your six SCVs to any other starting location in the map, and proceed to build them a complete wall of Supply Depots. Many times players will misinterpret your intentions, and delay their builds to get a quick few Zerglings out to stop my relentless Depot rush...only to be met by a lowering Supply Depot to let the Lings and their Drone through. This build is generally met with question marks.

If this initial rush fails, you will want to transition into leapfrogging Supply Depots out of your base and into enemy territory. This will give you a great line of sight and enables the Supply Depots to cover each other from attack. By lowering and raising them you will inflict humor upon your enemy. As the game progresses into mid and late game, infect the entire map with Supply Depots. You will want to research structure armor as well as Hi-Sec auto-tracking for obvious reasons.

(Warning! If your Depots are under attack, they need to be manually attended to to defend themselves. DO NOT select finished Supply Depots with unfinished ones! It will not allow you to raise/lower them continually!)

#2: Holy-ShOrbital Commands! (HSO!)

This build is by far the funnest. You will need to wall off your ramp immediately with Supply Depots and a Barracks, and get 1-2 Marines to ensure you aren't scouted. At this point, you will want to convert your CC into an Orbital Command and bring down a Mule. Continue to produce SCVs and only build CCs as the money becomes available. Convert them to Orbital Commands and ensure to hotkey them all to the same number. When you have approximately 6-8 OCs, all with 100+ energy, it is now time to go on the offensive. You will need to scan your opponent and drop Mules onto their mineral line to steal their minerals. As you continue to build OCs, you can either A) Trololololol the map by draining ALL expansions instantaneously, or B) Harass enemy mineral lines relentlessly, diminishing their mineral supply. People are so amused by this they forget the possible threat!

#3: Operation: Can't Support off of One Base! (O:CSooOB)

This builds starts similarly to the HSO! build, however you will not be massing OCs this time. You will be massing Barracks, Factories, and Starports. This is easily done. Recall that even some of the most basic units in the game are less costly than a Gateway or Rax! You will easily be able to build 100+ buildings. You will then proceed to poison the field of battle with your fleet of flying buildings, forcing miss-clicks from all parties. On the minimap, the color will block out the sun! Will draw amusement from people, and may even lose someone the game due to ranged units in the 2nd or 3rd rows attacking your buildings instead of the enemy army! Punish 1a 2a 3a while inspiring hilarity!

#4: You Must (De)construct Additional Pylons (YM(D)AP)

Similar to O:CSooOB, you will instead be playing as Protoss and flooding the entire map with Pylons. Unlike the other builds, you will need to spam the chat with Pylon sayings. Causes major problems on the battlefield for other players if they let you build unhindered (which they will.) You may build a Mothership with 3/3/3 upgrades to defend your Pylons, if the game reaches these stages. But no other units besides Probes. You can work in CDWB elements into this build, giving people a wall. But don't block them in! You may, however, create a ton of Pylons at a Zerg natural to troll him. But this is only cost-effective against Zerg, and will leave you behind as the game transitions to mid and late game.

(Warning! Turn your settings down! All of the overlapping Pylon fields WILL lag you!)

#5: Pawn More Overlords! (PMO)

Essentially like the CDWB and YM(D)AP, you will want to mass mass mass Overlords, and use them as you would use your buildings in the O:CSooOB strategy! You job is to disrupt the other players as much as possible!
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