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(Day 1) I just got accepted to raynors raiders on tarsonis and soon to head out to an encampment on char. My old friend Eric said he was comming also as an marine. He came to the airport/outpost of raynors raiders and were tested with our accuracy, agility, strength, intelect, and tactics. We both scored fairly high and we were assigned to a squad of 6 other marines, 4 medics, 2 seige tanks and a ghost who is going to be our leader. after an hour getting in our suits, we finaly meet our squad; (maines) Mac, Jason, Bob, Tony, Phill, and paul. (Medics) Cece, Gabby, Sky, and Carran. (Seige tank engineers/operators) Shane and Mark. (ghost) Nik. The squad was excited and can't wait for tommarow because we leave for char.
(day 2) We got on a hurculese then flew away to go to char. I watched as my family and friends waving at me became fainter and fainter. We stopped at a space station to get more fuel and supplies so they told us that 1 more squad was going to be with us. A squad with 5 marines, 3 medics, 4 marauders, and a reaper came on board with us. After an hour of waiting and talking about training, life, dreams, hopes, and more, we departed with 6 vikings surrounding us to protect us. After 5 hours of flying through space and some encounters with the dominion, we found out that the reaper is the leader of the seccond squad and that we are going to be in different outposts on char. When we land, we will get on transport trucks that our commander tells us to get on and wait even more. We also found out that we won't make it to char today due to our stop at the space station and the encounters with dominion space patroll, so we all went asleep.
...might wanna correct the spelling no offence the story isn't bad so far
ok sorry
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...might wanna correct the spelling no offence the story isn't bad so far

Coming from you, man....
(day 3) We finaly arrived on char and parted to go to the outpost we were assighned to. 1 hour later, we finally arrived and departed from the truck and into the command center and found Jim raynor in the main room waiting for us. He said that he looked at our records and he was impressed for what he saw. He also said that we were going to be one of his best squad and that we are going to find and destroy a small dominion military base wich has a Ghost Academy wich is being a pain for the outpost for it keeps on launching missiles at us. We went to bed in our assighned supply depots and went to sleep and waited for tomarrow to carry out the mission.
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...might wanna correct the spelling no offence the story isn't bad so far

Coming from you, man....

rofl i try my best to spell correctly xD
(day 4) I woke up hearing gauss rifles fire rapidly and people yelling in the morning. I grabbed my pistol beacause my guass rifle was locked in the barrack and i didn't have time to get it. I got out of my supply depot and found out we were getting attacked by the zerg! 6 zerglings popped out of the ground next to me and ran towards me. I pointed my pistol at a head of the closest zergling and fired. Blood splattered around it and the zerglings were now attacking me. Clawing and biting away my armor, I kept on firing and killed half of them. I turned around me and saw a ultralisk behind me and then saw bright lights. I became uncontious. 12 hours later I woke up in a medical facility with my friend Eric by my side. He said that I saved a few scvs' and a seige tank fired at the ultralisk but it happens that I was to close to the explosion. A medic entered the room and dismissed Eric and told me the injuries, a broken leg, broken arm, broken ribs, enternal bleeding, and a concussion. She handed me my pistol and said that the 4 scvs' I saved found my pistol in pieces and thought I would like it that I had my pistol back. I smiled and looked at the side of the gun and these words were engraved on it, "friend of the scv." I grinned and looked at the medic and asked her how long will it take me to recover. She smiled and said I just need to say thank you and i'll be on my way. I thanked her and left got my armor (repaired and buffed), and my gauss rifle, and headed out to the command center where my squad was waiting for me. We headed south to the dominion base and waited for our commander to tell us what to do. He said that Bob, Tony, Phill, and Mac will lure the gaurds to a cliff where he, Shane, and Mark will be waiting while me, Jason, and Eric goes in and set some charges around the ghost acadamy. The 4 marines distracted all the gaurds and we went in to set the charges. After 6 minutes we finaly set the charges and ran to where everyone was waiting. We saw blood stains everwhere and body parts on scattered on the ground, we knew that this is where our boys fought. We went up a ramp and met our commander and he pulled the trigger to the charges and we watched the fireworks. Nik fired up a flare and soon enough, a dropship picked us up and flew us back to our base. Everyone cheared at us while we went inside the command center. Jim raynor was happy to see us and said that we have earned our self a good night sleep after a good meal. We ate our meals and went to our supply depots and went to sleep while thinking of our first mission we completed.
(day 5) I woke up in the morning and went to the middle of the outpost where everyone was having eggs, toast, and some pork. I got a plate full of them and started to eat.... man was I hungery! After a couple of minutes, I went and got a couple of full cups of water and then used the bathroom. It was finaly noon and I went around the place to find any of my buddies. I went around and herd someone walking behind me. I looked behind me seeing if it was Eric but it wasn't, it was nobody. So I went to the barracks and got the engineerers to put on my armor and walked around the supply depots looking for somthing that was out of the ordinary. My commander asked me what was wrond and I said that there is somthing wrong here. Then all of a sudden, I see a humanoid figure and it vanished. I grabbed my commanders emp canister and threw it to where I thought it was heading. A flash of electicity happended and there I saw the ghost. I shot it in the legs four times and made sure he couldnt get away. The commander was supprised that I found one of the dominions spys and unarmed the ghost. We took him to a jail cell and notified Jim Raynor about it. He said that he will order the scv's to make missile turrets allong the fortification and send a special unit to make him tell us what we want to know. I got together with my team and talked about our lives on our home planets. after a couple of hours messing around and talking, I saw a couple zerglings skittering. I pointed them out to my team and we all agreed we should do some hunting. We blew the four zerglings easily and then right after we were going to bring them back to make them as trophies, green liquid bursted out of the ground. My suit was melting and I saw 6 zergling coming after us and thought that we were going to die. But of coarse, Shane and mark blew them apart and saved us. After the medics healed us, we went back to the outpost and got some scv's to repair the seige tanks. We paid an scv to make a supply depot for us so we can put trophies in it. After an hour passed, we put the zerglings up on set and saw how cool they look when they arn't trying to claw out your heart. Our commander said that it is lights out in 30 minutes so we wnet to our supply depots and went to sleep.

awesome dude keep it up
Seems interesting at the least, aside from afew lore problems, its fine.

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