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Hey guys, my first time on this forum and I assume it's the easiest way to reach the players. I just remade the classic Warcraft 3 map World War Zombies, and I want to put some effort into the only map I'm gonna make. It just came out, but, I'm pretty sure the only thing that needs to be tested is the balance of income. It's very similar to the original game, and I'd appreciate it if people got some friends to play it to gain some popularity. And possibly reply on this thread about balance.

I'm doing this because the popularity system is hopeless, I'm sure there are plenty of other map makers who just had a good idea like me, but didn't spread the word about their map, and their map is now lost in the abyss of custom games. If anyone has good ideas to share on this thread about how to get around the popularity system, do tell.
I was friends with some of the makers and I enjoyed this map, I can help out.

You aren't online nor can I find your map by searching it.
On the original map from War3? You couldn't of helped now cause I was the only one who made this map for SC2 :P, unless there's another WWZ on SC2. Thanks for your support, eventually I'll get some of my friends and add some people who are willing to help out. Could take a bit, but anyone is welcome to look at it in the meantime.
I meant help out as in testing it and playing it, but as I said I can't find the map.
yea i know what the problem is, i published it as private.. but people on other forums say that doesnt matter.. I also saw it in the custom maps when I typed it in, so I assumed people could see it. I'll republish it now as public. And I don't plan to test it now. I don't have the people, but I'll add you. you can also look at it on your own though.
There is now the channel World War Zombies .. Don't expect many people to be in it, but if a few join you can get a game going and then go to looking for custom games and get a full party
I was looking to play this map, is anyone on that wants to try it out? How many players do we need?
needs 12 people.. 10 at the least, and you got to play a few yesterday... got a few full groups already
I remember this game from WC3, loved it!
I'd be willing to play it whenever I'm on, just message me.
Awsome game. mybe let people choose the contry/ human or zombie...
Well, I watched it over 2 days go from page 4 to page 2. I think it needs to be a bit more balanced for humans. Like add more fortfaction at tunnels, so humans have a little more time to get ready. Cause humans ALWAYS lose.
hey dude first i wanna say it was a great idea to make this game. i remember playing something like this in broodwar. a few bugs or things i think u should change, so PLEASE TAKE NOTE i dont want to write this for no one to look at it

BUGS: a lot of the human players can access the zombie cave by going above it. for example taking air units to the middle east or spain and just shooting into the caves.

theres also a way to fly the air units into the caves and humans drop snipers on the cave walls

there is no victory screen really. the invincable pylons make it so zombies cant technically lose.

SUGGESTIONS: make the ability to have players choose their color, and have the ability to become zombies. too many players keep trying to leave and rejoin and its messing up the game. they also leave the game as it starts if they dont get what they want.

i dont know if its possible but....see if you can write what nation is wat color in the lobby. for example if a player sees he is yellow have the text France be next to the color

make it possible for air units to stand over water? theres no possibility for air units to be over water. making it almost impossible for england to hold out in defence.

if your worried about people taking advantage of the air units on water thing what u can do is. add a good sized gap of water between the caves and europe and make a border that has the effect that air units cant pass over. i know u could add that in the first map editor. im not sure about the new one.

balance changes? the zombies seem to be able to win in the beginning but towards the end the humans win.. i have never seen a zombie win late in the game or a human win early in the game.

seperate the cave from the continent of europe.. it will make it easier so players cant glitch the caves with air units.

maybe give each country a special unit? i know each country starts out with a special unit but i dont think its cheaper for that country to make those units. or make a hero version of that unit to be able to be built for a specific country. for example england is a country that shud rely on airforce. maybe give it a hero black hawk to be able to be built or something

maybe make some upgrades possible? like helions start with gatlin gun and they can start as halftracks or something and evolve to firetanks?

if theres anything that i can do to help this game please tell me. i want to get more involved in it. great job so far. i got tons of ideas. if you want to add me my character code is 202
There some bug that does not allow human victory despite killing both zombie nests. No way we can kill the pylon.
thanks guys.. ive made italy ande fracne more powerful... I know it's techincally impossible to win, and I dont know how to change.. once you kill everything but the pylons it's gg, and just except the fact there is no victory screen sorry.

And I'll get on the thing with the snipers and the walls, I haven't seen it so it's no pandemic yet.

I, like may other map makers have trouble with the lobby blizzard has made for custom maps, Idk how to make it so you can choose who you are.. I woulda loved to make the title of the country and whe nyou move to that spot you change colors.

I'm very aware of early and late game balance. My main concern is for everyone to learn the game, cause once they do and learn zombies strats and human strats, They'll see it is possible to hold the zombies at france or italy, and it is possible for a zombie to break fortifications with a good combination of units, or flying around.

I appreciate everyone's sudden effort to help as the game blows up, but again I'm a 1 time map maker with limited experience. I just remade a very very good game that so happens to require little knowledge of the editor. So somethings I simply cant achieve, others things I am/have fixed.
is there anything i can do to get more involved? id love to help with this
and if ur goal is to make it easier to learn for the newbies there are a few things you could add.. a tab in the help section would make it a lot simpler. maybe some tips? like experienced players should be purple and yellow.

also there are 2 ways u can let players choose their nation
1. being the lobby choose color method
2. in some games when u join u are asked to choose a race or team. something like that. you could make a menu appear with a bunch of nations. then each player would have to click the nation they wanted. (or zombies). and its a free for all. if a player chooses a nation it gets blacked out or whatever for the rest of the players
Very great game, almost to the top on the popularity, but like all games it has it's bugs

BUGS: Income is kinda messed up*
I've noticed when people leave like in the lobby, that country becomes hostile...
Make it so when your capitol is destroyed, you cannot be revealed
The Super Soldier building needs to be cheaper*
Also the zombies must take cities in order to get a larger mass**
Make the HP senseable (Blackhawk<Spitter?)

(** Zombies need more people for a larger population)
(* Either a higher income or a cheaper building)
The buff to spitters made massing them very powerful. This tactic is way too easy to do and is becoming increasingly pervasive.

Bombers can no longer help against spitters. If you do suicide them, they can spam even more spitters due to their relatively cheap cost. Whats a good way for humans to counter mass spitters?
i just nerfed spitter back again.. and some of you are pointing things out and being blunt about it.. black hawks are bad v spitters, that doesnt mean tehyre bad... i also intend to keep some things the way they were in Warcraft 3, like the high expense for advanced technology

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