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my suggestion would be to allow some way to get gas after your capitol is destroyed because if you're one of the nations close to the zombies cave entrance then you usualy lose your capitol early on, (at least from the games i have played). also zombies have won every game i have played in even games that went on a while.
I kinda have a question.

How do you expect humans to win without the zombies just leaving?

i have yet to win a game or seen a human win a game without the zombies just leaving yet lol

Alright well, here's some issues I have.

The air thing was already addressed. It spread virally after I first did it I suppose. In that game though I also invented another tactic: barracks funneling. Zombies won't automatically target the barracks, which for their price are effective walls, so I was able to funnel a lot of zombies through a choke, being able to decimate them. Even if they target them directly, they're so buff they allow me to mow zombies down.

In the cliffs of Italy, above the zombie entrance cave, I was also able to drop snipers, which are able to be very effective if the zombie player can't get both air and ranged out simultaneously. I haven't tried France though it may be possible there.

One of the air units has the sounds of the Raven. The Bomber. I'd recommend changing its model to be a Raven seeing as how two units already use the Viking model, and the Raven unit was a spellcaster so it'd also fit with its SC2 counterpart.

I'd recommend a new loading screen. The image is stretched out far too much and it looks very grainy.

For the water, there is no reason to lower the terrain beneath. Up the alpha channel of the water you're using, it'll make it less opaque so there's no worries about seeing the ground underneath.

Vespene income also slows to practically a standstill once your capital falls, which makes it incredibly difficult for important nations like Italy or France. This problem is mitigated to an extent with leavers; their vespene income gets transferred to you, but it's still a problem. If their capitals die then your vespene income is also gone. 0 capitals in the game = 0 gas income for all humans. And games can come out that way.

There is also no "newbie" guide if you will. New players have basically no direction about what to do and what they need to pay attention to. I frequently encounter players with this issue and it's not really their fault.

Captains are useless, and feel incredibly vestigial. Especially the melee ones. I really do not care if they die.

I was also able to drop SCVs onto the cliffs of the zombie caves where I could build, in addition to all other cavern issues listed before.

Remember that SC2 armor works differently from WC3 armor, so you can't just cut and paste attack values. For instance, the Gatling Gunner's damage is cut in half because of a single armor point on zombies. It's not just a % reduction.

Sniper towers cost a ton of gas.

Zombies can mass up their entrance impossibly.

I'd also suggest some sort of Broodling explosion for when zombie buildings die.

It's also very hard to infiltrate a smart zombie; he can place a ton of Spitters behind the first cavern wall which we aren't able to gain vision of and kill them while he has melee zombies tank our advance. Zombies have a humongous advantage if they use vision correctly with their cavern cliffs.

Also, there's still all the UI problems, obviously, such as the wireframes, the armor potraits, the death animations, etc.

Lastly, there is no reason to cling to the WC3 version just because. This is a time to reinvent and refine. Don't hold the old map up on some pedestal as if it was infallible.

Zombies can mass up their entrance impossibly.

Unfortunately, I was in a game where 3 of us had advance tech and we could not get into the zombie caves because of the massing by the entrance. This basically held to a 20 minute stalemate where we decided to just leave because we couldnt advance inside the caves to win.

A way to counter this is to put a limit to how many units can camp the entrance. If the limit is exceeded, warp the zombies back to the nest or kill them after 15 seconds. This anti camping method can work for both humans and zombies. Humans get benefit of zombies not camping inside cave and zombies get benefit of humans not camping outside cave etc.
have 1 more zombie or have a choice whether or not to be a zombie, since this game is relatively new people who have never played before get stuck with zombies which sucks for a noob
Okay first off...if yer gonna remake a map...folow their guidelines...Remove the tunnels all together, and actually add the upgrades like it had....the "walls" should actually be strong enough to withstand the zombies until they get so far advanced in their own upgrades....there's no reason to "fix" something that aint broke...aka...copy the map better....for instance....have the option at start to disable air(and set up something else for zombies to use to get to !%%!ing tunnels....) consider also removing the city on geysers.... cause if you remember...they were able to fully rebuild their base wherever and however...income included without having to use specific locations...all you did was take a good map and make it offense...but yer map makes me regret buying sc2....
zombie units need weakened a bit add in upgrades to compensate.

its very easy for zombie to mass the weak infesteds and spitters and create a wave of cheap fleshshields with devistating dps behind it firebats arent much help because they melt to the spitters.

great start but its got a long way to go balance wise

oh and get rid of transports very easy for zombies to just sneak to the back while everyones armies are fighting on front line and just rip you a new one
07/19/2011 01:52 AMPosted by salamander
my suggestion would be to allow some way to get gas after your capitol is destroyed because if you're one of the nations close to the zombies cave entrance then you usualy lose your capitol early on, (at least from the games i have played). also zombies have won every game i have played in even games that went on a while.

I've had one where it glitched or something while playing oj, and i got gas and minerals at a very slow(but still gained it) rate...all i had was 2 scvs and a barracks...then the zombie air...which is beyond over powered compared to their human counterparts (Black hawks) came in and whiped us out, watched the guy lose 30 black hawks vs like 10 blood wings or w.e the !@#$ they called them...(weren't they crows in the WC3 one?)
splitter is not the thing u would scared
because there is one thing that makes zombie op,
u get free mass zombies go attack and then mass air win
or mass zombies then go upgrade with metabolic upgrade , mass ultralisk( ursadak?) u win cuz ultralisk is 2 food free
LOL easy win for zombie that u dont even need to mass splitter, all u need is like 2-3 and mass zombies to like 200 food then GG LOL
go and reduce zombie production speed and go it like 10 seconds to make it balance if its free unit, its totally unbelievable how that zombie can be massed 200 food in less than 1 minute LOL
ohoh, and also reduce zombie melee movement speed ( greatly, cuz mass 200 food and my units cannot micro cuz their movement speed is so freakin fast)

----------------------------------------------edit, no more posting...------------------------
snipers are too expensive atm , as u see if zombies are free, expensive units like sniper cannot beat mass zombies even i massed like 75 of em
( its all the resources i got from ally)
even i stand behind bunker the splitter can just snipe easy with melee zombie, although i know the fact that sniper could be very strong if they mass, but the fact how zombies could mass melee, is there a way u can just make it balance so that u will need to use your minerals to win instead of just mass zombies?? cuz im currently just playing with zombie and win every single game, BECAUSE MASS ZOMBIE IS UNDEFENDABLE ATM NERF NERF NERF NERF NERF please
Descent zombie player can beat human player anytime
1. mass infested !%%! sooo many countries early on, theres nothing you can do to stop it esp if you are near france and spain

2. human players dont get any mineral rewards for killing...even if we kill 200 of them
... meanwhile infested is FREE and zombie players get minerals for killing

3. barriers are weak paper maches that are sooo easily destroyable; please up their HP,
and if possible, let them be lowered/raised like supply depot for easier pathing

4. pretty hard to mine gas, which causes many barrack units to be not used at all
such as firebats and reapers

5. no upgrades and few possibilities for microing...things like concussive (slowing) shells, stim, or snipe will definitely deepen micro aspect of the game

6. (as far as I know) there is no option for player to win by holding out for X minutes.

**oh, here's simple bug that could be fixed very easily..Sniper and Super Soldier share same Hotkey G for production, fix that please!
Very nice work on the game. Could you do a new zombie selection system? The ones ive had so far seem to be quite noob.
Nerf Zombies, you CANNOT hold vs 2 zombie players with more than 2 brain cells... i seen humans win 2 games the only reason being the zombies suck....

#1 buff gattling gun damage... They take 20 hits to kill a zombie.

#2 Nerf zombie spawning rate, it impossible to hold italy because of the spam.

#3 no attack counter, allow humans so time to not die.
i have never played a game where the humans didnt just get overwhelmed immediately, its very unblanced, zombies cant lose. plus, zombies can fly? wtf is that.
also, its impossible to play the game without at least 3 people dropping.
i played a game for 2 hours last night and we killed one zombie but we had 5 players 3 of us had super soldiers and the zombie camped in the cave for the whole last hour and we could not finish him off we owned every city on the map so we def. should have been able to win no problem but we coudnt he eventually just let us win because he knew he coudnt win.
i also think the zombies should get to choose where they come out at at the start of the game (like one invincible nydus worm they can put anywhere) or it should be random so the zombies dont infect the same areas at the start every game.
Yeah zombies need a nerf, played a game where we took the entire map, and the zombies were nub, but they still won. They didn't even know that the basic zombies were free.
I really loved the one on wc3, i don't think this one is as bad as everyone is making it out to seem. Most of the losses are coming from new players that don't know how to defend/help anyone. At the very least, you should make a guide for beginners.

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