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i also think having the zombies come out in the middle of italy and france is just a kick in the balls to those players, your basicly saying sorry guys but you two are the cannon fodder you might as well make those Neutral comp units.

speaking of comp units GET RID OF THE HOSTILE ONES AROUND THE MAP, all they do is slow down the humans even more so and waste resources and units to kill them.

just have them come out of africa like in the war3 version, walls and barricades arent strong enough to last forever vs zombies anyways.

and either give humans a bettter way to deal with mass zombies, (buff the firebat a bit or make it cheaper) or increase their collision size so they arent 3-4 of them per square, and zombie units should be slower then human units at least the FREE ZOMBIES.
The unit "Zombie" is what bugs me. I don't get how a weaponless free unit(afaik zombies are infected humans, so all they can do is bite and claw) can be stronger than a Marine, who is equipped with a rifle and costs 15 minerals!

Marine has 10 hp and 3 dmg (15 mins) while Zombie has 20 hp and 6 dmg (0 mins). Something's wrong there
-Please change the locations the zombies come out of (i.e. middle of France and Italy) because it is essentially impossible to stop as long as the zombie player is competent.
- I suggest changing it to a corner of the map, or somewhere not near the players....the location in the middle east and far eastern Russia are great spots.

-The Spitter/Hydralisk is way too powerful for only 2 minerals, a slight nerf in either cost or damage because it alone can mow down infantry.
-The Scourge units should only be able to attack air and should be given better damage to compensate...and maybe a graviton beam for milited ground attack.
-I would suggest that making regular marines be cheaper since the maruader counter part is much better for a little more gas, also because zombies can make free units, marines should cost less. The fact that a zombie player can max out on food with zombies in the first 5 minutes of the game is ridiculous and cheaper marines would help stop that.
-The Stetman hero unit is worthless, a melee doctor with an ability that can only hit air? Something ranged would better support the role of hero.

-Overall, great game, I worked with the creator of World Zombie Wars in WC3 and had the pleasure of offering ideas, especially in the North American version which was so widely played until the World Zombie Wars counterpart came out.
-The only thing I did notice is that the humans are not getting minerals for killing zombies, I think that only killing zombies that cost minerals to make should offer minerals to the humans when that zombie dies.
Thanks for all of the feedback, despite me thinking some of you are trite, i appreciate the effort to come on here. I'm definetely working on balance, ive been updating it several times a day, something i dont wanna do. It's incredibly difficult to adjust balance as more and more people play the game and more people are noobs. It goes back and forth on who wins, but suddenly it seems people know how to play zombies so ive been nerfing them.
For the people that are saying to get rid of the zombies that can come to italy and france, it was like that in the original so it should stay.

Oh, and did you mean to put an infested bunker for france? It spawns aberations or w/e and they are unstoppable lol.
Not sure if you have done this already, but advertise your map on

That's where Mineralz, Desert Strike, Marine Arena, Starbattle, SOTIS, Element TD, and many other popular maps started out.
please put creep throught the catacoms for zombies on a game i was playing we had the win but britian came in build a starport and put a barracks on the wall of the cattacom and then they just killed us with snipers and we couldnt do much sense we were busy out of catacoms please fix this bug it will make the game better for the zombies
I played this today as yellow. The infested bunker can Spawn Aberrations that have 450 HP to hold down the tunnel forever. pretty game breaking
also i found that hydras were a bit too strong
Yeah Mclane you left an infested bunker next to yellow's tunnel. You can spawn abberations with 450 health, and they take no supply. Please remove this, it takes all the challenge out of the game and gives the zombies no way to win. Im pretty sure you meant to put a regular bunker there instead.
Ok I looked at the map, I've got some input:

-You need to set the camera farclip down... it will help with the graphical lag.

-You need rotate the city build model by 45 degrees.

-Try not to use a vesepine gizer for a foundation. A lowered supply depot or the like would be better.

-WAY too many tree doodads. Those will lag. Use a smaller number of bigger trees.

-A lot of open water like that will also cause lag. You can either add a bunch of small islands or lower the animation speed. I pulled out the water texture one time and it was 512x512 for a small spot. WAY too high.

-Avoid roads if you can. They can also lag in certain situations.

-You need to paint pathing over ledges (pathing layer) so people can't get in there.

-Murader needs armored flag changed to bioligical (or w/e marine is).

Beyond that its got some promise :)
I notice as the zombies, that the human players can drop/build on the cliff surrounding the underground area, and are able to snipe/destroy most of the zombies from here. If they do this, the zombies don't stand a chance since they can't get out.

Also, it would be nice if cities were automatically infested without the need for a drone.
so how do u get a pro lobb goin?
People can snipe on the brown zombie underground entrance by putting up a radar and tower/snipers near the underground exit point. The walls are too thin, they should be thicker so players can't snipe through them. Poor brown player, last game i was killing 4/5 zombies while they try to exit single file. While watching the replay, he was mad clicking like crazy! Like crazy but could never reach the 220/220 pop because most of the zombies get killed.

He didn't realized what's happening either, until I started to snipe his zombie nests too. He got suspicious, hehe. I felt so bad, i ended up destroying my radar and towers. Still, the walls should be make thicker.
no actualy zombies bases were in africa and russia, there were SPAWNS in the other countries that happened at set intervals
its a really fun game but the abberatons were game breaking
Just ran across a new glitch...was on the zombie side, some guy from the human side managed to build a barracks up on the ridges surrounding the zombie bases in the south. As far as I know you can't get air vehicles down there from the human side, and I had my cave entrance blocked off so I don't know how he got there. Either a glitch or he somehow hacked the game. He also had an abnormally large attack force right when the game started and knocked off half the other zombies base within 2 mins of the game. The base on the ridge was ridiculous though.
Figured the glitch out...bottom left of the screen the land comes to a point and touches the south can fly units there and then go left and they will be on top of the ridge....easy zombie kills with tanks and air units all day...needs fixed lol
Just going to throw in some suggestions//feedback//ideas.

-Bunkers and Barricades need to be Mechanical so they can be repaired by SCVs

-I think it would be cool if each country had a unique unit or something. but your the map designer and your doing a great job and i think this would take alot of effort seeing as how frustrated your getting with the balance changes.

-Lower the price on firebats? They seem to have potential but they are very pricey so they arent worth the effort

-Predators.. Not sure on this one if they are meant to be infantry change them to biological so they can be healed by medics otherwise ignore this one.

-Beef up vehicles just a TINY bit? Because i think they arent all that great and don't zombies get more minerals to kill? I'm specifically talking about the hit and run tank (can't think of the name)

-Again your the designer on this but maybe you could add a expensive more powerful airunit for zombies after advanced if balances dont go well... just a suggestion because the only get 1 new unit after advanced where humans get 3

-Lastly remove the pylons from zombies cave so humans can get win... i dont understand the point of the pylons but if you have reasons so be it your map lol.

Thats all for now... if you need any help designing the map or anything i would be glad to help just send me a message.

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