Zeratul Vs. All of the Zerg

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My question for any one reading this thread is if Zeratul was sent on a mision to kill all of Zerg in the Koprulu Sector who would win. (Queen of Blades for whatever reason is not present at this time so she had no part in this epic fight) But if you want you can include her but it is not needed and the answer i am looking for is without her involved.
I will be the first to reply to my thread and my answer is Zeratul. Even if the queen of blades was there they wouldn't be able to touch him. Go Zeratul
Of kerri was there zerg. He can't stop the queen #!%%! of the universe!
Without kerri he might win but he'd need to be careful of overseers.
If he revives fenix tassadar style? Fenix wtfpwns all of them while zeratul goes on a beach vacation.
All of Zerg=100,000,000,000's of Overseer, 100,000,000,000,000 of Broodlords.
Personally i think that Zeratul's body would give out before he even made a dent in the massive amounts of zerg numbers
Zeratul could kill the Kerrigan, in game play. In lore well, even though im a toss player, I have to admit that Kerrigan would win by a hair. But if it was Tassadar, Fenix and Zeratul then they would be able to take on the zerg no problem. Kerrigan? she couldnt take on tassadar OR fenix. It was sad though how Fenix died from a hydralisk. T_T So that is the 3 people that could bring down the entire zerg army

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