Funny SC2 RAP

Joeyray's Bar
All yall haters, call me a noob, I may be in bronze but I watch Husky on Youtube,
I can't keep up with my twenty apm, So I intentionally lag, watcha do then?
You terrans gotta admit that them Marauders are op, when I see more than 7 I just ragequit like Idra without a GG, P vs P, 4 Gate every single time, It makes me want to scratch my eyes until I go blind, Then I take Alcohol and pour them in my sockets, Now I know how Zerg feel about those pistol guys with rockets, I really do have some love for my alien foes, without early anti air those voids will keep you on your toes, What happened to hydras? Did them slugs gain some weight? I remember them being so much faster back in '98, I know I'm gonna lose so I type "has left the game", just hoping he will get confused and I'll win by something lame, The only reason I play Protoss is because I love my cheese, I can cannon rush into zealot with so little ease, for all you haters pulling the division card, You may smash me in Starcraft but I rule Joey's Bar! Peace! I'm Out!
I really wasn't impressed...
07/17/2011 10:34 PMPosted by Bronze
I really wasn't impressed...

Yours is so much better, ohhh wait....


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