Looking for noob 1v1 practice buddy

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I'm a bronze league terran on the NA servers. Desperately wanting to get better and meet new people in the process.

Xfire: nemesis881
I'll practice with you. I'm a silver protoss but I just got this game so I have no idea how accurate the silver rating is. I dont have a mike though.
Unranked, don't really play online, but more than willing to act as a wall to bounce stratagies off of. Sure. 975.
bronze zerg
I'll be your challenge.
add meh
I am trying to get the zealot portrait 1v1

I'm low bronze

Zanon 242
Silver Protoss
I need practice on my PvT :)
ggProtentiaL 338
xfire: slimjimo10
add meh

o_O Wow my old name was Alex and I changed it to this, got the game the first day it came out haha how ironic.
Protoss, Xarnon 827. Also a Bronze League.
zqckenhut 576
also, se habla español.

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