Hilarious Adventure 2

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But the medic man was eaten by Supa mega giga roachy
But medic man fell out of the hole in the stomach that the ghost had made
Then a nuke landed, and vaporized everything.
Then zergies show came back on after the commercial of the new movie, " Nukes: Flying Uber Banelings of DEATH!" He hated lame monster movies.
After that a giant noodle attacked zergy
"Woah, too many nuke noodles" he thought
So he went to the bathroom, and his toilet was clogged with fungal growths. Apparently a marine drop was trying to utilize his backdoor.
but then he sent supa mega giga roachy with a supa sledge to own the marines
The marines QQed about super mega giga roachy until blizzard nerfed him to oblivion.
then while supa mega giga roachy was nerfed the terrans sent the TERRATRON!!
Out of no where a thor comes and terrorizes the TERRATRON.
Then the Lost Viking came and said, "!@#$! You beat me to it"
...Then in the confusion Zergy, his hot ghost girlfriend, and Super epic giga awesome Roachy run out of there, running into....
An abandoned hut in the middle of the slums near...
Justin bieber's backyard!!
Then Justin Bieber came out. Zergy and Super Epic Roachy thought he was gay but Zergy's girlfriend thought he was cute and dated him. Zergy QQed to blizzard until they used THE BAN HAMMA on bieber to spend all of eternity in the dimension of sc*#!#d ideas with Zergy's ex-girlfriend

Since when S-C-R-A-P-P-E-D a cuss word?
ANd Zergy and his hot ghost girlfriend, Super Epic Giga Roachy go to their trailers as the director yells "CUT!" as the acting/movie was starting to get out of hand.
For no reason what so ever a Giant Infested Nyan Cat enters the room and.....
... Starts saying,"NYANNYANNYANNYAN!!!" while trying to eat the now-Nyan'ed brains..

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