What is the Best Terran Build for 4v4?

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In 4v4, it's pretty hard to react to what the other four people are doing. Is there a solid build that can kind of do well against everything?
Mass MMM. Can never go wrong in team games.
No till they die to a player than went mass colossi or banelings. Some really effective ones I have seen is mass viking, mass thor and mass tanks.
Mass Marines do wonders for me all the time. People say that is boring but it wins me the game.
It depends on your team, their races and the races you're fighting. Fast Hellions is pretty cool, it can do a lot of damage and is fun to micro. You can also readily transition into marine/tank or just plain hellion/tank/thor, which will smash any ground army.
I think it depends on the map. I have found a 4 rax opener to be good. The thing about 4v4 is you need a rather large army early to find off 5-6 min pushes.

I'll do something like a 4 rax factory, expand, add another factory and two star ports, expand.

Add tech labs to all and pump out a rine ruader mix with tanks and thors. Ravens are a must if there is a toss or zerg. Toss loves to use DT's and zerg likes to sneak their roaches up on your tank lines. Of course dont forget to add medivacs for drops.
Get a few marines and bunkers for early defense while preparing to start out with Banshee harass, then transition into Ravens, harass with the Ravens or support attacks while then macroing and transitioning into, BCs and Vikings (Keep a large number of Ravens for support). The excess minerals that you usually can't spend because of the gas cap allows you to do some insane macro. With a little team support and the idea that it will be a macro game, this is pretty easy to pull off.

Ravens support the BCs from everything on the ground and air, vikings hold everything off in the air. BCs tank and do their things. I've been able to take on every composition with this. Just don't forget to upgrade.
I typically try to rush to Marauder and shut down any early expansions if they are accessible. You can successfully take out an expansion with 3 Marauders if it isn't well defended. If they are over-matched, just retreat and come back to 6 or 7 Marauders about 30 seconds later.

Rushing directly into the main (by yourself) typically doesn't work because you'll be outnumbered 9 times out of 10. Attacked the expansions early also causes them to divide their forces and opens up the main a bit for when your team attacks.

I guess rushing marines would work too but if they have a Protoss player you'll probably see stalkers pretty early.
Here's my favorite 4v4 T builds.

Against an all P/T team with a Z on ur team: Rush to Nuke, nuke the wall, let your allies speedlings come in and harass like crazy

Against 2 or more Z: Gas first hellion opening

Standard stong timing push: 5 or 6 Rax Marine

Macro Build: Tank FE

Another Macro Build: 2 rax FE reactor first, then tech lab
Depends on your position and map... If you are unlikely to get focused... a fast expansion into tech and mech...
OR you could go heavy reaper factory upgrade them and harrass the mineral lines with a huge number since it takes too ong for the help to come.... specially if you hit when they move.

Or you could go MMM ball if you agree on early pushes with your team...
The other option is also you work on defense with bunkers and siege tanks until your toss/zerg finish playing sim city.
Probably one of the stronger openings I do with my friends is 2 factory blue flame hellion.

This is the build, do it as you can afford it.

I usually get 4 marines and put a bunker at my front in case a protoss tries to break me open with a 4 gate. The marines really won't delay your production and will make you safer against pushes. I transition into thors and some tanks after the harass starts to become less effective. Another transition is to get banshees, but it really depends what you're fighting.
mass MMM for early aggression or expoing early.

add other units as needed later. mass tank against ground in 4v4. mass viking against colossus, big air, etc. ghost
I like to use hellions to pressure expos. then i usually transition to matrine hellion viking
I know the best build for 3v3, but not 4v4.
mass thor

MMM or mass thor and moar tanks
MMM but ad a decet number of vikings in just incase of collosi or broodlords
Depending on the map tanks are not very good. If your team is willing to support your slow mech then by all means siege up.
1 Rax Expo into mass MMM with a lot of upgrades always works if you can hold your expo which can be hard.
I tend to use MMM against a lot of protoss. if protoss goes air i switch from medivacs to more vikings with my already built reactored starport. if i have zerg teammates i also tend to use MMM since my medivacs can heal my zerg ally's units. If I'm up against a lot of zerg i tend to use mech.

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