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One morning (Today actually), when i was bored and no one was on the forums and didn't have anything interestng to talk about, I started writing a short story about a Ghost named Luna.

It takes me a while to type up crap, so please be patient while i type.

(I also got to find the !@#$%^- notebook i wrote it in...-_-)
A Ghost Story

The ship which i now had come to call Saphira was now gliding along the stars, right outside the areospace of Echo X, a barren, rocky planet, apearing to be bloodred from the nearby star's lightrays. I now felt better to be out of the heat of the battle that had raged on the surface. The Zerg had surrounded me and my men as we tried to save the poor colonists who lived on the planet.

Sadly, we weren't successful, and to add to our horrible defeat, many of my men were injured.
Thank God that no one died, but my M.U.L.E. Qwerty also got into things when he left the ship, curious about the rocks that littered the ground. He lost an some parts, but at least he should be easier to fix than the rest of us...

By the moment I am working hard to help bandage up the wounded alongside the remaining medics, the rest lying on their own cot among others in our sickbay on our "borrowed" battlecruiser. Even for a ghost, i am a damn good medic as well...

"You look beat," says Lt. Paris, our chief medic, "You need rest, you were up all night." She was right. Last night was horrible, while loading up the wounded, I couldn't help look at the leftover bodies of the colonists that we attempted to save. There was a little girl with a teddybear. Her name was Lily.

"Yeah," I said, "I feel like crap. Wake me if there is any trouble though." Paris just smiled. "We'll be fine."


It almost surprised me to find Shadow, my second-in-command, in my quarters, sitting cross-legged on my bed looking out the bay windows into the stars. "Oh, hey Luna," he says, moving his gaze from the window to me. "Sorry, I should have asked, but you know how much I love these windows of yours."

I smiled. Only Shadow can make me smile. "Hmph," I said as I sat next to him, "I thought you'd be down in the bar after this one." He moved his gaze back out the window. "I've got to stop drinking, it dosen't even seem to help." He says, gazing at a random asteroid.
"Besides, I think this helps more than anything, I get lost, and so do my thoughts."

We sat there like that, cross-legged and staring out the window for what seemed like forever. Finally I came to my senses. "Shadow, I need some rest." I said. Shadow nodded, and left the room without another word, taking one last stare out the window. There I was left, sitting there looking at the door until I finally feel into a much-needed rest.

(How do you like it? Idk if i want to continue on this...i might)
I have a dog named Luna. She is absolutely the best and cutest dog ever.
07/20/2011 09:55 PMPosted by HyperMarine
I have a dog named Luna. She is absolutely the best and cutest dog ever.

lol, but seriously, do you like my story?
....I woke up the next day. Stretching, I went to the mess hall for some much-needed food. After a disgusting breakfast of MRE's, I went back to the med-bay, determined to help those who remained alive. My thoughts drifted back towards Lily...

:D Like it?
Awesomesauce, lol
Keep going. We need more stories like these.

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