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I reinstalled my windows 7 recently, and then install sc2..

but now every time i want to login offline there's always this message telling me
"Starcraft 2: starter edition cannot play in offline mode"
I have a retail sc2 copy, not starter edition..!

this is the first time I encounter this problem..
please blue, tell me how to fix this..

offline mode keeps getting worse time to time..
Is your system clock set correctly?
I just updated to SC2 version 1.3.5 (after updating my OS to Mac OS 10.7), and got this error. Offline play is completely broken. (granted, offline play was always pathetic even when it was "working as intended").
i had a similar problem this morning, i got on and it said i had starcraft 2 "starter edition" and that i needed to upgrade! -_- i just restarted my computer and it was back to normal. check your internet connection possibly??
07/21/2011 06:07 AMPosted by TheSkunk
Is your system clock set correctly?

yes of course..

07/21/2011 07:51 AMPosted by MasterRahl
i had a similar problem this morning, i got on and it said i had starcraft 2 "starter edition" and that i needed to upgrade! -_- i just restarted my computer and it was back to normal. check your internet connection possibly??

If I turn on my PC and then login online at least once, the offline mode works normally..
but if I restarted my PC, then login offline without login online first, the "sc2 starter" error show up..

pre-patch 1.3.5, the error is "you need to authenticate your game client bla bla"
now, the error is "sc2 starter edition cannot play in offline mode"
and what next..?

I have the same problem. Cannot play Starcraft for about two weeks offline mode. And now, since the new patch, I have that message of Starter Edition which I don't know what exactly means because I have a full version. Please Blizzard we need a solution.
I just encountered this issue today. I purchased the Collectors Edition some time ago, and have been playing it for awhile now. Imagine my surprise when I wake up today and find my $100 purchase telling me it's the 'starter edition'. Any chance of us getting any official word?
I believe that the Wings of Liberty is the starter pack for SC2. The Heart of the Swarm will be the upgrade when released. It did mention 24 new missions and 2 new races....
Having returned from a long layoff of Sc2 I also have this problem. What's the deal?
I have this too. Thing is I'm a night shift desk guy who plays offline - I don't have an Internet connection in my lobby, so if Blizz doesn't give me offline play back, I'm not buying their expansion.
I have been having trouble playing online for a while now, Im not intrested in online playing, i like the campaign, I dont like playing against other players, its a personal preference and I payed full price, yet the only way for me to play offline is to purchase online play, which isnt what I payed for.

Now Im getting the starter edition message, it used to be that I didnt have a user registered in (Eddie, the one Im writing with, is registered). This is getting too freaking annoying, Im not only not going to buy the expansion but I want a refund, i payed for a gull game, Im not intrested in online play so why should I pay??
Today i left my starcraft on while my dad(who also plays) went to pick up my sister. When we came back, my screen was darker and where it said wings of liberty(under the Starcraft logo) normally it said Starter Edition. I however did not try pressing anything and simply quit and started it again. I am an online and offline player.
I wanted to play starcraft 2 offline for along time now and when i found out you need internet for every stupid thing it buged the crap out of me it makes me mad how when i installed it at my work place for 6 and a half hours i bring it back home and it tells me starcraft 2 starter edition cannot play in offline mode someone plz tell me what to do.
i mean wtf why cant starter edition play offline it makes me sick to think i bought this game and it wants me to buy more stupid stuff just to play freaking offline mode.
Same as above, brought retail -Awesome-.
Applied patch 1.3.5
Worked for awhile but then on restarting this one particular time not long there after it tells me I'm playing a Starter edition, little pictures of locks over everything, - Please upgrade
Suggests I go update page, which i do, saying "An error has occurred".
Wash and Repeat

Have reinstalled game - Not a good idea to those who are short on time.


I contacted Blizzard Customer Support: they are aware this issue is persisting for many people, and that setting the system clock does not fix the issue for everyone.

They couldn't give any specifics, but it seems like even though no solution is available currently, they're working hard to resolve the issue and will keep us updated here as soon as they can. is currently going down for maintenance - maybe to fix this issue? Edit: Guess not. :(
Bnet just went down and now when i went to publish my map i just made it said please upgrade your starcraft, im on mac 10.7.0 lion...BLIZZARD FIT IT PLEASE!
I just tried to log on, the servers are still down. How long do you guys think it will be down for?
soon™... One of the support agents posted this about 45 minutes ago.

I also just got off the phone with tech and they said about another 10-20 minutes for restored functionality.

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