Can't find replays in Lion...

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/Users/Chris/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Accounts/

I know that this folder exists on my machine because Starcraft told me this is where replays are stored. When I go to Users/Chris there is no Library folder. There is a library folder outside of the users folder, when I look at all the direct Hard drive folders like System, Users folders etc.

From here I go to Library/Application Support and there is no Blizzard folder. The only folders in there are Apple, avbdeviced, CrashReporter, GarageBand, iLifeMediaBrowser, Microsoft, ProApps, and Script Editor.
Apple hid the user-level Library folder in Lion. It's still there though. I don't know how to show it in Finder, but if you open it through Terminal, you can then add a shortcut on the left pane for the future. To open Library in Terminal (which is in Applications/Utilities), type open Library and it'll open it up.
Thank You So much !!
Also, while in game, if you go to the replay screen you can look for whatever replay you want. There's a button in the top right that says "show location", it will minimize SC and bring up the folder with all the replays.
You can also select Go in the finders task bar and hold down the option key. This will make Library a selectable location.

If you want to make your library folder permanently visible then use the following terminal command: (Replacing username with yours)
chflags nohidden /Users/username/Library/
Yes indeed, Thanks for that info. I've been trying to search for this information for over a week!
The user Library is hidden by default in the Finder window in Lion (10.7). You will need to use the Finder's shortcut command to get into the library.
1. Having Finder as the active window, hold down the "Option" key and select Library from the menu.

It un-hides it in the finder window for that one session and then re-hides it again.
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Thank you for telling me this! It was driving me crazy...I now have my user Library set to always show in my finder.
Excellent, thank you for the Terminal command Echo. Works perfectly.
To make it show up in your favorites you can do this

Open a terminal

navigate to your Desktop (cd Desktop)


ln -s ~/Library

This will create a shortcut to the folder on your desktop

In Finder select Go>Computer

On the left you will see "Favorites" and all of your locations (All my files, Applications, Desktop, etc)

Drag the folder from your desktop to the Favorites. Make sure Favorites is highlighted and not another Favorite Location (Like Applications) or the link will be placed there.

Congratulations, you now have a perm link to your Library. Just go to computer and then select it from the favorites on the left.


Of course if you just want a link to StarCraft II's folder you can edit the command as such

ln -s ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/

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