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Chapter One - Vultureling

..."You know, it's hard, being a Hybrid. We have to destroy things every day, every week, every year... Not much time to do anything"....
-Vultureling, The First Zerg/Terran Hybrid

I awoke to the sound of heavy rain. The small cave on the planet Nemalinus I was living in left much to be desired. I stretched lazily, poked my head out of the cave, and...promptly got bird crap in my face. “This is NOT gonna be a good day..” I muttered. While devouring a bat (Eck...), I got my orders from the Dark Voice. “Destroy the Protoss in this area.” Was the message I received. I stretched my over-powered legs, and scuttled along, leaving small imprints in the brown mud.
Chapter Two-

Half an hour later, I found the Protoss. It was just an expansion to the main Protoss cluster. I shot a good 10 Probes down with my Infested Grenades (Don't ask how I make them...), and destroyed the Nexus the same way. I took a Mineral Crystal as a souvenir.
After destroying the rest of the expansions, I called up Jay for some help.
(Jay. Talk to me in-game.)
After destroying the base with Jay, I had to go off-world. I sadly left, wishing I could be with another Hybrid.
(A few days later)
I re-entered my Zergling form, after landing on a small world. It seemed empty at first, until I saw the humans mining amongst the lava.
'Wait..what?" I muttered, seeing these optimistic miners gathering the orange crystals. Distracted by the SCVs, I didn't notice the lava until it was practically burning my feet. "Get those SCVS to high ground...RIGHT NOW!" I hear on the comm-link. The SCVs get onto a ramp, barely surviving the wave. I realize that I'll die if I don't switch forms. In MIDAIR, I morph into the renowned Diablo Skin 007, and land on a far corner of the colony. The lava recedes, leaving the same shiny, orange minerals. As the SCVS get back to work, I wonder what I could possibly be needed for HERE, of all places...
"How are those Terrans going to survive...?" I wondered.
Then, I saw the awe-inspiring Reapers leap up. I continued watching, careful to avoid detection. The Terrans apparently got enough of those orange crystals, and left.
Barely after transforming into a Mutalisk, I got my next orders. “There's a small Protoss encampment nearby. By nearby, I mean Aiur. Destroy it.” The Dark Voice said in my mind. "Sure.." I replied, saddened, but the Dark Voice had already left my mind.

I cruised through the air, enjoying the wonderful sensation of flight. I was a mutalisk! However, my attempt at having fun after so long was rudely interrupted. By who? Why, none other then the Dark Voice. "There's a small Protoss encampment nearby, and by nearby, I mean Aiur. Destroy it.
I finally arrived on Aiur, and scoped out the encampment. Apparently, it was just some Dark Templar refugees..I almost felt sorry for them. Almost. Then, it hit me. There was something in my mind... "The Dark Voice again? It feels...different.." Disturbed by the intrusion in my mind, I continued my descent down to the surface. I gently(Yeah, right...) landed/crashed onto the barren surface of Aiur. "Why do I feel like I know this place..." I said absently, reading the thoughts that were entering my mind. Weird.

Walking around, I tried to expel the unwanted thoughts. They stopped, but I could still feel them there... on the edge of my mind..
Some time passed, me, just wandering the barren surface of Aiur.
wtf XD
(lol wut? I can't for a few days or so, I'm not at my normal computer room, so no playing starcraft till i get homes, :\)
Flames, now's your time.
"However, it was just some Dark Templar refugees...it was almost saddened by this sight. Almost. Suddenly, I felt an odd presence in my mind. "The Dark Voice again..? But it feels, so...different.."
Finally, utilizing all my will, I drowned out the alien feelings that were flooding my mind. Slithering around (I'm a hydra now) I proceeded towards the Templar Refugees. As I approched them the strange thoughts were suddenly present, and stronger then before. Nearly collapsing in pain by the swirling images of the downfall of Aiur through-out my mind, I began to wonder why I was here. Remembering I prepared to end the lives of the miserable Protoss Dark Templar Refugees.

Just thought I might input an idea you could utilize. =)


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