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While on patrol i received a message from one of the mother ships.
"Zaresh, on of our probes has contacted us. The base that it is with was lost many years ago. It poses some of our older technology. We need your group to try to locate this base. It is deep underground near a Terran colony. Do not let them stop you from finding this base."
"Confirmed my leader."
I Explain to the squad what we were going to be doing even though most of them heard the message.
"We need to find a way to get underground. Darishmal do you have the tactical planet scan?"
"Yes commander."
Reviewing the scan it shows some old cave entrances not far from where we were, the only problem was most of them were buried under the creep.
Zerg nymphs swarmed around us as we slogged through creep to reach an old arclite siege tank. I grabbed the torch and quickly opened up a hole. I peered inside, only to have a hydralisk emerge and impale my left arm. Snarling, it knocked me to the ground and reared back, preparing to fire.

Someone's head exploded.

It wasn't mine.

I quickly reached inside and grabbed the power cell, then we hauled it out of there.

Once i get my arm patched up im gonna go and try to get that power generator working.
I got just an order to find some more power cells when I see Travis's arm injured and covered in blood. I tried to ask him what happened but he got in the infirmary door before I could. I was in front of a gate when I checked my pack.
Some explosives, a Gauss rifle, a sniper rifle, a flash grenade, and a retrieval kit.
I pulled out the rifle and slung the pack on, and walked through the gate. I walked through the tunnel with no zerg signs yet, until I saw my objective. Six zerglings, two hydralisks, and a roach. I weighed my options and pulled out the sniper rifle, which is luckily silenced or I would be screwed at this point. I shot both hydras until they spotted me and charged. The zerglings went down to my rifle while the roach was burrowed somewhere. I walked slowly to the objective, which was a box of energy cells and the most retarded objective EVER given to me: Retrieve the box of candy also. I was picking them up when the roach popped up and started to spit.

Something melted to the acid
It my pack of explosives
Stupid roach

I ran as fast as I could while the roach looked at the acid covered explosives like a toy while the safety melted. I ran through the gate before the roach exploded. I brought the stuff back
"Good job bringing everything to me, go home now while I say hello to these ladies," said The commander, who then went to ask someone out, which is likely to fail. But still, I didn't give him everything
I was rolling on the ground instead of running, something that I'd never done before. It was exhilarating- and confusing and nauseating. I thought that i saw the protoss ahead of me, which was the whole idea, I guessed. but just before impact– just before beautiful, climactic impact, I was flying through the air, alongside several of my brethren and all of the protoss. somebody exploded nearby, although I couldn't tell who. probably BANG! considering how many zealot screams accompanied it. Suddenly the sky closed under us, and we fell to the ground- hard ground. We must have been on the alien dropship that the overseer had seen. near me, a zealot sat up, rubbing his neck and looking generally pissed off. He was more pissed off when he exploded, but sadly I couldn't get to him in time to claim the honor. Looking around for another target, I noticed that the ship we were inside of was roughly hexagonal in shape, and small. If too many of us detonated we would kill the others with pressure without causing them to explode. We would still kill all the zealots on board, but you don't make a baneling die harmlessly.

That sh*t don't fly.

Thinking quickly, I tried to burrow through the bottom of the deck. I was relatively succesful, but the deck was so thick that I was comfortably underground, while flying miles above the surface of the planet. In a flash of inspiration, I attempted to detonate while buried, sure that this would punch a hole big enough to provide circulation for the rest of my siblings to safely (for the other banelings...) explode. Then I realized that I had been exploding for five seconds, and still no KA-BOOM. Looking back to make sure that I wasn't just dead, I realized that my lower body had turned a teal green, and was covered over the top with rows of carapace. I looked just like a tiny, high explosive infestor, face and tongues and all.

This ship is F'ed up.

I crawled out of my hole to discover a grisly scene. The zealots had rolled all of the banelings onto their backs in the moments of confusion after the landing, and were staying a safe distance away. Enraged at this blatant mockery of baneling honour, I charged forward, preparing to-- wait, what did infestors do? I looked around awhile for an idea. Seeing some metal poles piled in the corner, I picked one up with my unusally prehensile tongues, and charged. one of the zealots took a swipe at me with his psi blade, and i managed to block the blow in time. Then the pole fell into two pieces. disgusted, I spit out the other half, and when I did a gob of blue liquid came out, falling onto one of the zealots feet. Instantly, he was rooted to the ground by a layer of creep, which was rapidly spreading throughout the ship. As the natural toxins within the creep began to circulate through his body, he turned a bright, brilliant blue. the blue eventually began to leak out of his eyes too. and from between his fingernails. He died slowly, eventually folding over like a dead flower, collapsing to the ground in what seemed like slow motion. Needless to say, I was perfectly overjoyed. The other zealots had all followed suit after the moments it took for this blue creep to reach them, and the entire ship had stopped moving, although it was still airborne. I went back and turned over the banelings. carefully.
"dude, what the hell? since when were you an infestor?"
"infestors can't do that sh*t dude- hes something new."
"maybe our cerebrate knew this would happen?"
cerebrate. right, our ticket out of here. All i needed to do was make him aware of the presence of the corrupted warp prism, and he would be able to control it. I reached out psychically, contacting our overseer.
"yes, this is zerg overmind office 25372, blaarg speaking. how may I help you?"
"hey blaarg, we infested that warp prism you saw last week. she's all yours."

Suddenly, the entire craft lurched into motion. we were going home.
I inserted the old Siege tank power cell into the power generator. The lights flickered on. The power level slowly increased, peaking at 46%. Oh well, can't expect siege tanks to do everything. I opened up the armory doors and redirected the generator's power to the armory. It was enough to power up a goliath, 4 marauder suits and 3 firebat suits. I felt as if i deserved the goliath, and I took it out for a test drive.
I went back to my pod, knowing that I managed to get some power cells to power some minor stuff. I went to go through the trapdoor when I saw a goliath power up, looks like they fixed the power generator. I went down the trapdoor to the cavern. Lately, I've been trying to fix this place. So far I've got everything fixed except the cybernetics core and the database in the nexus won't work. Still no zerg anywhere near here, and there's no cannons around, why? I went to go check in the nexus to try to fix the database. Only one message keeps blocking me from getting in: YOU REQUIRE ADDITIONAL PYLONS
A nearby mother ship clears out the creep down to the ground. As the smoke from the area the entrance to a cave become visible. We rush into the cave right into a swarm of zerglings. There where many but we dealt with them quickly. We continue deeper into the cave meeting little to no zerg resistance and no terran's insight. We came across and caved in part of the tunnel. We stopped for awhile. The dark templar in the group was examining the wall, almost like he knew something we didn't.
"What is it dark one?" I ask him.
He remains silent for a little while longer than says "I feel an energy source behind the wall. Almost like Khaydarin crystals."
So after much frustration over the message, I ask the probe to warp in more pylons. When it did, I found out the part that held the data was unpowered. I went back to the data-core and this time no message. I explored through everything, the blueprints, reports, and maps. I noticed that there was a cave-in in front of the main door. But what interested me was the Dragoon protocol, showing how it's done and how to start it back up. When I was done with looking at everything, a message showed: DATA DELETING. I gasped in horror as the data deleted itself, I spent months to fix this and now this. I decided not to grief over it since I saw everything. To cheer me up, I went to the main door. It had protoss design over it and had a control panel. I tried to open via panel but it only said Tunnel Collapse, call for assistance in protoss..... wait, since when could I read protoss?
I grinned as the goliath swung to the left, firing both it's chain guns into the head of a hydralisk. We had almost reached the arclite siege tank that had provided the power cells needed for the generator. I hooked it up to the goliath and activated the ion thrusters, slowly towing it back to base.

Upon reaching base, I began to attempt to fix the abadoned tank. After the brood wars, the spacious Arclite tanks had been turned into troop carriers, its firepower not enough to compete with that of the Crucio's. Inside I found 2 vikings and some old spider mines. I moved them out of the way to work on the tank's engines.

Sometime later, I had fixed the tank to a semi- working condition. I powered it up, only to have the tank's psionic scanners go crazy. It pointed towards a large amount of Psi energy radiating from a location underneath our base.
Name: Cazil
Faction: Protos
Role: High Templar (hero)
{so I can shoot like campain heros}

The pilon that TI91187 Just put up glows brightly and I warp in, to better acess the situation underground. Unfortunately, the others could not follow this way because the defences needed to be powered down to have enough energy to send one Protos in. I send a psionic call to the probe and tell it to come to my location. That done, I proceed to float down the hallway and come across the terran Chris Carter. I decide to "talk" with him.

"Greetings Terran."

He jumps about 4 feet in the air with a squeek.
Terrans are odd.
I cautiously poked around the ground, searching for an entrance into the source of Psionic energy. Near the power generator was a small trapddor. I opened it and descended. A large cybernetics core stood there. I gave it a poke and opened up the data cores. Along with it a compartment containing several singularity charges and some dragoon "blood" opened up. I stuffed them into my pockets and ran up the trapdoor.
Oh sh..... how did he...... oh, pylon. If he just warped in.... oh no. This is good that I read the data-base, you're not suppose to warp in here: It activates the security measures when something warps in via method that wasn't used thousands of years ago. Stone Zealots came out of somewhere, walking towards the protoss guy. I noticed the Zealots had Psi Blades when they asked him (or her, or it), "Leave now before you defile this place," and activated they're Psi Blades. I whispered to Mister (or Miss) Warp in behind me and scare the sh*t out of me "Think of something, I was reading about them, they absorb Psi energy and become stronger. And think of something that they'll allow, but it has to something from a very long ago."
Yep, he's screwed
My group and i start to clear the rubble and finally make a hole big enough for us all to fit through in a single file line. As we enter the next chamber we see a high templar and a terran. We move quickly to aid the templar from the terran.
Pressurized dragoon blood is explosive. Very explosive. I had been tinkering with the singularity charges and the spider mines to create a new weapon, the singularity mine. Upon detonation, it would create a charge of energy, which would promptly detonate doing massive damage and lighting opponents on fire.

Singularity Charge
Hitpoints: 50
Damage: 100
Fire: Does 7 damage every second, lasting for 5 seconds.

I ran out to show Chris it, only to find him surrounded by what appeared to be angry protoss. I did the best thing i could think of and hurled the singularity mine at the leading one.
I watched as the protoss appear from some rubble and charge helping the templar but instead of pointing their weapons at the stone zealots, they were pointed at me. Then Travis threw some explosives at them (how did he get here?) But one of the stone zealots got in front of it, exploding to shards. In the confusion, the rest of the stone zealots picked up the group of protoss saying, "Your warning has expired," and threw them in a holding cell.
One of the stone zealots said directly at me, "What do you wish to do with them?"
"And why are you asking me?" I said
"You activated this place, did you not?" It said, waiting for ans answer
"Yes, so does that mean I run this place?"

What should I do? The protoss were trying to destroy the cell but with no luck, They didn't do anything. "Could you question them?"
"Yes, my lord," and went to question the protoss

"So, Travis- How did you find this place?" I asked," And please don't tell anyone"
Travis stood there for a minute, with a look of disbelief as the rest of the stone zealots went to do other things
Name: Giligan Turask
Faction: Terran
Role: Terran Support

In the distance you hear the ground rumbling, crungling, a slight 'Kekekekekeke' , as you (if you choose) look closer, you see about 30 zerglings running toward you, bloodshot eyes, claws, and foaming mouths.
"I was repairing an Siege tank from the Broodwars. In those days every large mech unit would have psionic scanners built into it. Nowadays with the orbital command psionic scanners are no longer needed. Either way, when the siege tank powered up the sensors went crazy, and I found a cybernetics core. By any chance, would you have ay more singularity charges?"

"RuUuUuUuUun!" You see a T1 (Brood War Suit) Firebat running from the zerglings, him almost shrowded by the zerglings.
"Did the teran firebat just request aid? I have never heard a terran say halp. Chriss explanes that he mispronounced "HELP!" and did indeed need asistance.
"I see."

{Massive Psi-storm}

(Dead zerg)
(Scared firebat)

"Do not use your charges terran, you may need them later. Move aside protos bretheran, I shall free us from this cadge."

{Blasts control panel}
(cadge doors open)

The stone zelots aproach. Blades activating.

Stone zelots stop absorbing all the energy that came with the 'words'.

"The Zerg have come as was fortold, defend this place from them."
They then turn and leave the room.
"Uhhh... Thanks, But I could've handled it, Halp means... Um... it means that I've got this, why I else would I tell you to run, uh, yeah, yeah that's what it means... Yeah." He stutters, attempting to sound like the awesome unit he is.

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