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Nope back on page 3 Hellspork stated the name of the cerebrate was Ikol and he was renamed Loki.
@Plasmaman if you think this one is long look up cloaked love or zergling and zealot
Oh and this thread is almost maxed what we gonna do when it does max out?
Loki is an baneling infestor hybrid that spawns larva.
OOC: We need someone to make a PART 2!!!!
IC: "We have an issue. If we want to make a large structure that requires a large amount of power, the cannons will not work during the time it's in use. Also, the zerg are planning for a frontal assault. No zerg have been attacking for the last few hours, and there's been mutalisks scouting our position. We need to add some barricades, the cannons will need something to help them fend off the zerg if we're going to survive a large attack."
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OOC: We need someone to make a PART 2!!!!

I will in a few days. I do not want this story to die.
I stand at the ready near the cannons. My skill should aid in defending the ship. "Come my friends. Join me in battle."
"RuUuUuUuUun!" You see a T1 (Brood War Suit) Firebat running from the zerglings, him almost shrowded by the zerglings.

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