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Chris told me that the cybernetics core produced an endless amount of gear, so I grabbed a ton of charges and buried myself in my pod.
I ran back up to my pod to grab everything I had back to the nexus. I readied my stuff to start working. I shut the nexus doors and turned on the systems and started up a shield in the cavern when zerg passes through they get burned alive. I started up the warpgate so those protoss guys can get help, and I started to work on building a dragoon to my design.

Shields have 100% power
Cypernetics core status: Functional
He bangs on the nexus doors, wanting to be inside, as you can hear the sound of more zerglings in the distance.
I open the door, letting the firebat in. Right when he gets in, I shut the door on a zergling. "There's a resting quarters in the right and an armory with my stuff if you want upgrade your suit. I'll be in the control room trying to find a way out," I said and head to the control room. The shield protecting the structures will last as long as I don't jump the power needed to a high level. The suit is half-way done and I'm hungry. I look at the food transporter, it's supposed to make any substance that you needed to live and I need a burger. I turned on the machine telling what I wanted. The burger came out on a protoss plate, and took a bite. It was..... was.... really good but needed a little more sauce. I ate the rest and tried to use it again, but it was cooldown. But why is this here if the protoss don't eat? Well, it provides what I need to eat so I don't really care
The arclite tank aws a deadly war machine now. I had constructed my own version of the spidermine system in the vulture. The tank now churned out Singularity mines at a breakneck pace. I had sat down with a protoss engineer the other day and we had talked for a whole night about the protoss technology. After that he agreed to help me revamp the old firebat suits.

Wait, so Naitstrich, let me get this clear. We have the terran mining colony, and a protoss base underneath it. The protoss base is powering a shield protecting the terran base right?
Watches as the templar deactivates the stone guardians. I approach the templar
"Entaru Tassadar my brother. Since you out rank me you have control of me and my men. We will heed your orders Templar."
"Ey' 'um, why do them tossy have a food gen'rater? don't they do some photosynthysis crap?" He fiddles with various stuf*#%e, and begins to modify his suit to have a protoss shield generator.
I expected a warm welcome when I returned bearing the captured warp prism. mission success, casualties 2. Not exactly bad when it's high explosive men you're sending into the field.
However, the cerebrate had different ideas. I was brought before him, and it was explained to me that in this body, I would make an ideal spy for him, that my new form was to be his way of affecting the world around him physically. As the cerebrates name was Ikol, I would have to be Loki now to retain allegiance and anonymity. Also, Ka-boom is a sh*t name when you can't explode. So as fantastic and uplifting as all of this was, from lowly suicide bomb to being more important than a queen and all...

Well, my next mission is suicide. Plain and simple. I'm being sent to destroy a terran encampment alone, despite reports of random incineration due to walking down certain tunnels, (which nobody has mapped, by the way...), massive tanks capable of destroying whole hive clusters alone... But at least it IS feasibly possible... I'm supposed to escort a larvae into the "super-tank" and leave it there to become a baneling. all the destructive power of that tank focused into a cave system... They wouldn't know what hit 'em. And thats another thing that I found out about my new form. I'm basically a walking, talking hatchery. creep spread, larvae, and all. I don't even need cool buildings or anything... But anyway, that won't matter if I die trying to blow up the terran, which is completely likely. Sometimes I think I just don't have enough friends in high places.
The viking stood up once more, armed with psy-blades. The gatling guns had been discarded and attached to the firebats. The tankier vikings could make it to the front line and rip up zerg while the ranged units had an effective meatshield. I stood vack and admired the work that I and the protoss engineers had did, then went and made myself a beer.
Finished my suit, a working Immortal that can be controlled like a goliath, but has stronger shields, better armor, and can hit air- waaaaaay better then the original. I look at the system controls and start setting up the photon cannons around base.

the shield does protect both bases as long as it gets power
I'm actually surprised at how far I've made it. Let me get this straight- I REALLY underestimated my new form. Mine field? zerglings. cannons? banelings. guards? I don't even need an infestor to neural parasite things, I can just blink past them like a stalker. The only problem that comes up with that is that any larvae that weren't hanging out in my abdominal cavity get left behind, poor things. So curious, its the death of them. of course, I can also spit red acid balls at guards.....lets just say I try to avoid letting my larva die.
there's just one problem.

They know I'm here.

Everything was going fine until a came around the corner, and even then I had acid and teleportation at my disposal. I opted for the subtle route against the protoss warrior, but when I teleported behind him, there was a high templar standing in front of me. I found myself mentally blocked from using any of my powers, and the worst part is, I could feel him inside of my mind. He knew that I could channel psychically, and once he knew he did something to me. All I know is that it felt like all of my power was suddenly eating me from the inside out. All that saved me was channeling the malicious power into my larva, killing every last one of them. I couldn't teleport, I couldn't spawn any zerg, but I could still spit acid. I reared back and when I came back down again A gob of majestic red acid came out of my abdominal cavity, followed by another and another and another. Things were going great in midair, but then a stone zealot stepped in front of the blow. He was nothing but slag instantly, but by then I was being held down by a massive viking, with a psy blade pointed at my... neck? nothing important was housed in my neck, but i guess the intent was there. I hissed and spat, but I couldn't communicate telepathically while being blocked from my power by the high templar.

(note to all of you people responding to this- Loki looks like a half size teal colored choker from left 2 die. if you've never played left 2 die, go to cortex roleplay and spawn a choker at scale .6, thats what he looks like. He spawns larvae like a hatchery, and can spit out creep and acid balls that burn like napalm. he has some middling psychic ability, like telepathy and blink. very durable.)
He finishes fiddling with his suit, which looks vaugely toss like. He presses the 'Jump Start' button, to open up the suit. But instead of opening, a Tal'darim like Protoss voice states:

"Terrans, identified. Crime. Defiling a Nexus of the gods."

The suit powers up, and it's arm with a flamer attempts to burn him, but he dodges. The photon cannon arm shoots all around. He gets up and runs from his own suit. The suit rampages, attempting to kill all the humans in this base. It fires it's flamer and photon cannon arm at the Goliath Immortal. The suit is shot, being damaged badly, mostly in the shield generator section, and it continues to chase after it's maker. He runs inside the armory of the nexus filled with protoss weapons. He grabs a Void Cannon, and charges it up, the suit beats on the door to the armory. When it breaks through, it gets an !@# woopin' of Void Ray laser in it's brain area. The suit falls over, the A.I. stutters, and then powers down.

"Awww.... crap."

He gazes at the destroyed suit, and your greatly enraged face.
Watching the Terran firebat was amusing. I didnt know that what seemed and a basic species could be so inventive. He seemed to have some understanding of our technology although not enough.
"Terran soldier. Do you require assistance." I ask him.
I watched as the firesuit destroy the shield generator on my suit then chase its creator. I then got very, VERY pissed, that was the hardest part of it. I madly get it repaired for another 30 minutes. When it was fixed, I made sure to put its shields up until I got back. I passed by the shut-down firebat suit in satisfaction then noticed the Zerg thing hissing. I asked, "How come this thing is not fried from going through the sheilds?"
(*ahem blink past them after sending in a bait zergling to make sure its safe koff koff*)
(*ahem, my guy was not there when it happened koff koff*
As soon as reports of a walking fat blue hatchery came in, I immediatly began to deactivate the singularity mines and all the other machinery.
"It managed to.... teleport through the shields, which has never been seen before in Zerg," explained one of the Dark Templar, "And this High Templar is preventing it from using it's psionic abilities." Travis arrived while he was explaining, so he didn't have to repeat. I watched as the stone zealots holding it down, it squirming and hissing. We all stood there trying to decide what to do with it. Keep it and study it? Kill it?

I just went back to the nexus to power up the robotics bay to build some custom sentries to help restrain it, and after they were built I gave them the order to follow the High Templar's command.
"Oh, you found him. Thank God, Come 'ere Twiggy." The little zerg creature runs up to me and licks me in the face.

He tosses what looks like a chiken leg and Twiggy runs and fetches it.

"This is Twiggy, lab sample, saved him."
firebat, please read the thread before you post.

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