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As "twiggy" licks Firebat in the face, several microscopic parasites attach themselves to his face. They quickly begin reproducing, then make their way up to the central cortex, infesting firebat. Firebat groans, and throws out 2 tentacles, headed for Chris and I. The dark templar lept forward and summoned a void prison, enough time for Chris and I to grab handguns and pump lead into his brain.

@ Hellspork I'm talking about the Zergling you sent to see if it was safe. Not yourself, I probably lost Twiggy in the hecticism of a fight between me Twiggy and some Zerglings.
ah. alright, but the zergling that i sent to check for safety got burned up in the shield. but uh... lets just assume twiggy was a separate storyline that never came to light until now.
Okay, sorry if I confused you. CONTINUE TEH RP, NAOW!
"Firebat, you must aquire confidence and bravery before you can be a truly efective warrior on this field of battle. Flight from battle is sometimes necary, but if you do not stand to fight then you will die as prey, not as a warrior. You handled your... equitment problem reasonably."

I explore the mind of the zerg fruther, searching first for its purpace, and abilites. It seems unusaly independant.


(To zerg only): What do you believe your true purpace is zerg? Banlings seek to die a glourious death in combat and nothing else.... you are not a baneling. What do you aspire to now?
It wasn't necessarily a bad feeling, having your mind searched by a pretentious alien that was effectively nothing but psychic Lichen wearing a bathrobe...wait, he probably heard that...
Oh well. Being a pre-programmed animalistic genius means never having to say you're sorry. Either way, I was screwed in the end. Once they discovered that I was planning to collapse 10 trillion tons of rock and creep on top of them, I assume that they will be less that grateful. To quote a terran racecar driver who was on the television, which was sitting ignored in the corner...

"We're in a heap of trouble!"
[Please read my previous post hellspork, I edited it]

"This zerg is truly unique, it believes that we will be less than grateful that it tried to kill us all. Its intelegance exceeds that of a queen. Unfortunately, I believe it has some sort of supirority complex."

(to zerg only): You are right, I can hear you. You still have not told me what your true life goals are. Now that you are in "a heap of trouble" what will you do? Be warned, I can end your life with a thought, or a psi-storm if you free your mind from me. I am not unwilling to help you if you are reasonable.
(wfawwer, I am a High Templar, not a Dark Templar)
Yes, i know. Naistrich said that you were holding him captive while a dark templar was explainng to us what had happened.
Either way...

Seeing the large hatchery held captive, I powered up the generator. Then the kid inside of me took hold. I asked the templar for permission to look at some of the creatures larva producing glands.
Standing off to the side, as i have not received anymore orders from the high templar or the executor, I wait patiently observing what looked to be an infestor pinned below the high templar. The Terrans seemed troubled by the zerg creature and wanted to kill it or study it possible both.
I was thinking of just killing the creature but the high templar may have oter plans for it so i stayed where i was.
"No, you may not ... Extract ... anything from this creature yet. It is extreamly protective of its larva. Further, it is an organ, not a gland that produces larva, extracting that may kill it, or it may just heal. There is mutch to be learned from this creature without disecting it."
(To high templar)
since time immemorial, the zerg species has attempted to produce the perfect species, to evolve past the point of technology's finest manipulations and stand atop the universe, unnoposed and beautiful. But this is not a drive zerg has always wanted. The xel'naga leave their mark on every galaxy they enter and leave, a creature with pure essence and a creature with pure form. after aeons, the creatures come together naturally, creating new xel'naga. The purpose of the swarm and protoss is intertwined, high templar. The Xel'Naga have left their mark on this reality and it is indelible, unless either the zerg or protoss are destroyed independently of each others influence. That time has long past us, but there is another way to avoid the ending of both of our races. There is still a Xel'naga at large in this galaxy, and even the destruction of aiur was done at his behest. He steers us toward his ultimate goal, the recreation of his once proud race, destroyed in the void above zerus. To kill him, and to kill the protoss without assimilating them, is our swarms purpose.

It is not mine.

I once believed that what occured above zerus was proof of our species' superiority over the universe, destroying the most powerful beings in existence with barely a twitch of our finger. But it was not us that destroyed the Xel'naga, I see that now. They destroyed themselves, and the folly of their people was what created us as well. We are not something to take pride in, we are the product of a higher powers machinations.

I will not be controlled in this way. I am not of the swarm, who disenfranchised me even as they sent me to kill you. I am not a plaything to be toyed with. My goal is to annihilate the dark voice, and either rejoin the swarm as its leader or not at all.
"A scolar indeed."

"I am going to allow the zerg to speak. You terrans may make your decisions baised on his words, but I am satisfied that it will not attempt to kill us if I realease it. It nears enlightenment, it has seen truth like no zerg before it."

(to zerg only): Speak and you shall be heard.
After the sentries were built, they followed me back where the thing was. I watched as the High Templar explain and I watched as the thing rose. The sentries prepared if anything went wrong.
I sat up from the ground, eyeing the terrans before me. The high templar understood the meaning of what I had relayed to him in thought, but these people lacked any higher knowledge and would simply view it as jabber capped off by a quest to become a new overmind. What could I say to them that would allow me to earn their trust? They all looked wary, ready to destroy me with at any moment. Their eyes told me their stories for them. Lost on a barren world, doomed and delaying the painful death to come. No hope, no future.

"Terran, you are lost on this world. You have been written off as dead by your dominion, and even as I speak to you the swarm clenches its fist around you, readying to pop you like an egg.
I know your pain, Terran. Even as you have been sacrificed by your leaders in a desparate gambit to earn them a moments time to escape, I have been sent to annihilate you all and die in the process. Our species are more alike then you know, but yours has been blessed with an untold destiny, and the ability to influence the future. A dark power stirs on the horizon, Terran. While you are ignored by its malignant gaze, It spells doom for every man, woman and child that will ever be born to a human mother. It seeks nothing less than the total destruction of all life in the galaxy save for a species of its own creation. In this matter, Terran, I and the protoss require your help. Know this; I no longer serve the swam that sent me to die and neither should you serve the powers that doomed meaninglessly. The dark voice, the power that stirs to destroy us all, has done the same to the zerg and the protoss. we are nothing but ingredients to it, a part of a greater whole. It has no respect for any life that it deems weak, and finds no reason in the existence of lesser beings. It thinks that we are weak, Terran, and only unified may we prove it wrong."
"What the zerg speaks is true. Darkness looms, and the destruction of all we know follows close behind."
"Ok, I trust you. But could one of you guys tell me what we are going to do?" I said

I thought this was insane. The world ending, really? Whats next? Are they going to ask me to build a working ship to escape? The one I'm working on is not even half-way done.
"Prehaps you could build us a ship to escape?"
(Eyes twinkle in protoss smile)

"Your thoughts are loud terran."
Now that I had the terran convinced of my benign nature toward their survival, The high templar had released me from my psychic bind and I was free to manipulate reality as I saw fit. I expected contact from the cerebrate Ikol and when it came, I knew what I had to do.
"Loki, what has transpired within the terran caves? you were lost to us for a time, and we feared that you had failed to accomplish your goal. What is it that caused you to lose psychic contact with us? why do you hesitate to respond to me?"

"Ikol, the mission is still underway. Were I not impeded by the protoss shields I would relay to you the memories I have accumulated of planting the baneling within the arclite tank. As it is, you must not contact me again until I return. I have been forced into hiding and there are high templar who can detect our psychic bond. We must not risk failure by communicating. rest assured that I will not fail you, great cerebrate."

I noticed the high templar eyeing me strangely, and I gave him a pointed look, instantly communicating the falseness of my report to the swarm lord Ikol.

"I am shocked by your plight loki, I was not aware of the presence of protoss within the Terran encampment. Regardless, I understand the need for reduced contact and I will seek to prevent any interference with your mission from this point forward. I would regret it if you failed to serve us satisfactorily."

With that, I felt the bond between us shatter, killing the hive cluster that birthed me in the process as the overlords experienced the cerebral backlash and became unable to control the brood. As the congregation no longer had contact with the hive mind, the creep would consume them, unable to recognize them as allies. Cerebrate Ikol had done it as a display of power, a warning to me should I prove to be ingenuine.

"Terran, is there a place where I may dwell unmolested for a time? I seek to reinforce our position in the caves, and I know of several other attempts that will be made to destroy them when this world's cerebrate realizes that I have defected."

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