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This is the story of a dark Templar named Zzareth.

Day One.

It was time, I walked down the street behind my mentor, void rays flying in the air, Dark Templar going about their daily business. Me and my mentor walked towards the Temple of Eternal Shadow. Stalkers lined the dark-blue battlements, and several void rays hung ominously over the massive structure. A small clutch of Kakaru flew over the city known as Kixlamar on the planet Shakuras. A squad of corsair patrolled over the entire length of the city, my mentor opened the huge doors to the Temple. Dark Templar stood guard at the door, a door was opened and through it was a class of dark Templar sparing with each other, out came Darkness, an orphaned Dark Templar, he glared at me with pure hatred in his eyes, he sent a telepathic message to me "today, when we take the test, I will choose to kill you, and take the path of shadow." he was wrong completely, for that day I bested him, and chose to spare him, choosing the path of mercy. He was humiliated, and stormed out of the temple.
Day two

The amulet the Dark Prelates gave me, and gave every dark Templar, hummed, I looked at it, and the jewel on it glowed red, I had to press it to go to my first battlefield, I brushed my finger on it, the entire world glowed for a moment, and when it stopped, I was on a new world, before I could gather my senses a zergling rushed me, I had to act quickly, I activated my warp blade, and it extended from my arm, the zergling opened it's mouth to make a meal out of me, I thrust my blade into it's mouth, it squealed in pain, and fell into a roasted heap, I pulled my blade from it's throat, behind me a hydralisk came out of the ground, a Zealot bravely charged it, the hydralisk turned it's attention from me to the Zealot. The Zealot fought with extreme discipline, I turned and slashed the hydralisk. I activated my cloaking now they could not see me, I could see brood lords spewing broodlings into structures, a nydus worm erupted beneath my feet, I was hurled backward by the beast, it was spewing hundreds of zerglings, colossus stepped up from a canyon, and started incinerating the zerglings, over me was a warp prism in phasing mode, void rays were flying around, searching for targets,and destroying them as they found them. Some phoenixes flew to intercept some coming mutalisks, it was chaos, the warp prism switched to transport mode and loaded as many as it could. Which did not include me. A mothership floated in, and used it's vortex. I was suck into the vortex. It seemed an instant later, but I knew it was about a minuet or two later. It was like teleporting. I was one of the several Protoss left behind, the Zealot who saved me from the hydralsik walked up to me. "you fight well, Dark Templar, I am Calarus, I was supposed to lead these forces into combat, and obviously failed." He seemed kind enough. So I replied. "I came here from Shakuras, which planet are we on?" "Aiur, we are trying to reclaim it from the Zerg." "a bold plan" I replied. "what are we going to do with no support?" Calarus seemed happy. "I already have some Protoss who did not make it into the warp prisms, I will hold out against the Zerg with the Protoss I have already regrouped with. You will go with another dark Templar to find more soilders to aid us." out of curiosity I had to ask the name of the Templar, to see if it was familiar. "who is this Dark Templar I will aid?" Calarus beamed. "Darkness, one of the mightiest Dark Templar I have seen!" my eyes widened in terror. "do you know him?"

Me and Darkness only found an archon named Zhal, an immortal known as Sildar and another Zealot called Gir'shol.

Calarus was holding out with no one when we came back, his base was overrun, and he was under a rock wrestling a Hydralisk with one arm while strangling a zergling with the other. I stabbed the Hydralsik, killing it. "we should leave now" Calarus said "agreed"

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Day three.

Not much happened, except for us encountering some zerglings and killing them
Day four

We were weary, but we trudged on, a zergling stood in the distance, and skittered away from us, we were almost dead, when a gateway came into view, if we could find power to it, we could find power to it, we could escape. Zhal seemed to feel something "we feel something coming, many something's. We might wish to escape." the dirt shifted as if something was under it moving, a large ting, or many small ones? "stand ready, we could be on the verge of battle." Calarus's eyes gleamed with joy as he looked around. I heard Sildar's phase disruptors power up. Gir'shol activated his psi blades, and Darkness activated his warp blades, I turned mine on as well, an ultralisk came from the ground. We were doomed. It's huge kaiser blades slicing at us, Sildar's hardened shields were the only thing that kept him from dying again. Calarus charged right at it. Gir'shol using tactics charged at it's flanks, Darkness tried to slink off, but Zhal stopped him, I charged at the creature, maneuvering around the blades, and slashed at it, but my blade bounced off the armor, feeling the slash it turned at me, slamming me into a tree, and all went dark.
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