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I'd like to see an entry about larva and process of spawning units (maybe stetmann finds a dead hatchery or something). You could have some fun explaining how one larvae can become all of the different zerg units, and of course explain how the ultralisk fits in that tiny little egg.
Are you abandoning this post?
"Working on it" he said.
Yeah, I am. I had gotten a quarter of the way through, and I thought that it wasn't nearly as cool as it should have been, so I scrapped it and started working on it again. I'm about halfway through my Brood Lord entry, and will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow. Glad to know there is still some interest in it though, it will keep me motivated :)
Yes. Very interesting...
Suggestion: Perhaps Aradan you could also do some post-Brood War/pre-WoL "Stetmann's Journals" but the still under the Terran Dominion's watch. New Zerg specimens study by Stetmann that were discovered by the Dominion or Foundation on infested worlds or even those SC1/BW-era units. But by the Second Great War not to be seen.

Your take on scrap, early zerg and protoss units that were being develop by Blizzard but latter came to be cancelled/renamed/remodeled by WoL or not but with a lore twist. (e.g. Swarm Host -> Infestor, Mantalisk -> Broodlord, Bone Wasp)
Do a Lurker entry. How do they manage to make those lines of spikes? Most epic unit of Brood War.
and the ultralisk came from the docile brontolith.
and how does he fit in that egg anyway?

Huh, i didnt know that... then again when i first got the game i left the manual out in the rain making it nearly inlegible...
Here are two ideas I have for you:

1) Stetmann finds a dead queen. He figures out how inject larva, transfuse, and spawn creep tumor work. I thought that you did really well with the infestor explanation and that you could do well with the other zerg caster.
2) Sort of related to the queen: "How do creep tumors work?"
Research Entry 2498
Date : November 7th, 2504
Location : High Orbit holding over Char
Race : Zerg
Strain : Brood Lord
Currently Researching (Next Entry) : Larva
Planned Projects : Mutalisk; Nydus Worm; Creep.

The Zerg are becoming much more dangerous and unpredictable. They have moved several of the scientific research groups off planet for two reasons. One: to stem the recent increase of violent and terrifying deaths that have been plaguing the scientific community, and two: to stop the forces of the Zerg growing stronger by assimilating more of us.

Needless to say, it is much harder to find subjects to study while aboard the Hyperion. I rely mostly on samples that General Warfield and his forces can send me up from the surface. However, most of these are so ridden with bullets that I can hardly learn anything from them, but I’m trying to remain positive. Meanwhile, however, I have been becoming quite an expert at Lost Viking. Yet to defeat the Terratron though.

* * *

Several days of waiting have paid off! I have received something special from our ground forces today! A Broodling; completely intact. This specimen was actually harvested directly from a Brood Lord, located near one of the advanced Hive structures that General Warfield has been assaulting for some time. It came with an interesting story too, though I don't know exactly how much of it is exaggerated. I'll include it for the sake of scientific imagination:

“We were patrolling the outside of the main Hive Cluster with Strike Team Charlie, when out of no where hundreds of Zerg fliers began to overtake us. Mutalisks began swarming from above and below, maneuvering so swiftly they were nearly impossible to hit, with Corruptors in the distance, firing dense spores. However, we had something that they did not; years and years of training!

I told my squadron to spread out and to dive towards the ground. The Mutalisks in tow, we came over a slight ridge, where they were met with the Javelin Missle launchers of half a dozen Thors. The Mutalisks exploded in a flurry of fire, blood, and bone. The Corruptors began to retreat back to the Hive cluster, as well as several Brood Lords which I had not seen in the chaos. A swift round of my squadron's Lanzer Torpedoes quickly brought them down. We aquired a dead Broodling from the carcase of the Brood Lord, and have sent it off for further scientific study.”

Hundreds of Zerg? Highly unlikely. I think this Brood Lord was just flying a little far from the safety of the Hive and got picked off by a lucky Viking rookie. I hope they don't get too cocky. Many soldiers lost their lives as they marched into battle after a small group of Zerglings and a lone Overlord, only to see the ground erupt all around them with explosive green acid from burrowed Banelings. Never, ever underestimate the Zerg.

A dissection of the Broodling showed it to be female. Large ovaries lined its back; purple blister-like organs that revealed thousands of eggs under a microscope. Further analysis of these however showed that the eggs were all infertile. Interesting.

I then moved on to studying the digestive tract and found something quite fortunate. The digestive system was extremely simple: simply an intestinal tract connecting the mouth to the !@#$. Inside, I found a foreign piece of flesh: which was genetically the same as the Broodling itself. Puzzling. Why would the Broodling be eating itself?

A thought occurred to me. Maybe this Broodling had decided to consume it's own twin. I decided to run a separate analysis on the DNA from both the foreign flesh, and the Broodling itself, this time looking for differences in age. The results surprised me greatly. The foreign flesh was nearly a year old, while the Broodling was only a day or so. Such conflicting data! My first experiment showed that these two samples were from the same creature, and the second said they came from two different creatures. I decided to take a break, before my mind went crazy. It's so fascinating, but so frustrating too!

* * *

Breakthrough! After taking a nap, I had the strangest dream about bees. I had studied them as a child, and had learned interesting facts about their reproductive traits. The Queen of a colony was the only fertile female in the hive, due to a specialized diet that consisted of a substance called 'Royal Jelly'. Nearly all the bees in a hive were female other than a few male drones which did no work.

I quickly went to work on the two samples again. I found differences in nerve and muscle structure in the foreign flesh than from the Broodling. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. The flesh was from the Brood Lord itself, and the Broodling had been feeding off of it.

This was amazing! I now realized why Brood Lords were only seen carrying one or two Broodlings in tow. Broodlings, due to their simple digestive system, could not survive very long without nourishment. They always needed to be supported; either by a structure or Brood Lord.

Another interesting fact: Brood Lords and Broodlings were in fact the same species; just that Brood Lords were actually Brood Ladies; fertile females which can produce infertile symbiotes rapidly. Why they evolved from Corruptor, I didn't know. My best guess was that, like the queen bee was different from the thousands of workers, the Corruptor served as a boosted source of nourishment; allowing for the complete metamorphosis of a Broodling into a Brood Lord; supercharging it’s growth. This allows for it to not only sustain its own life for more than a few seconds, but also support up to two Broodlings; hatched from its fertile ovaries.

I’m super excited about this find. Zerg are absolutely fascinating. I’ll keep my hopes up that maybe I can have some samples of an actual Brood Lord or Corruptor come in, so I can run more tests as to the origins of this species.
Nice. The military exaggerations were pretty funny.
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I feel bad for you. :/ I have to run this hill and my knees are prone to crack soon....

....god damn it, football!
Nice work. Looking forward to more.
Thanks for the support everyone, and the suggestions. I'm really excited to put these into more stories. Question for you all though: should I make each entry its own thread, or should I continue posting in this one? It seems that when I come out with a new entry it is harder to tell. I have been editing the first line of the first page with every update I do, but I just wanted to know your opinions on it.
I think you should keep putting it in this thread. It might be harder to know when you did a new one, true, but it'll be easier to have all the entries in onthread for those who havn't seen it yet, or those that want to re-read this stuff.
I would like to see an entry on the lurker or overseer (you could look at the changeling and how it is produced). Also, you could always branch out to protoss.
File Purged.
Id love to see one on Ultralisks!
nice story

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