how is COD an e sport?

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Do people really watch that trash for hours a day?
drop shots, aks, spawn grenades, and spraying through walls.

Did you know you're on the starcraft forum? not the 4chan forum?
blizzard is holding the e sport scene with starcraft with total dominance. this topic is now related.
Do people really watch that trash for hours a day?
drop shots, aks, spawn grenades, and spraying through walls.


Mass infestors, cannon rushes, 6 pools, marine marauders game after game, this game isn't much different.

you dont know what your talking about
the MW series is probably the saddest excuse for a FPS game Ive played lolol

Camp and spray through walls and hope you hit something = profit?

I've played Halo on the other hand, and there is an FPS that definetly could be an e-sport. Lots of games like CTF involve elements of map control that you see in starcraft.
My only complaint about Black Ops is that the only viable weapon is the FAMAS. I'm pretty sure they've said it themselves when they had an overview of the game on (I think it was) the Blue stream. Don't get me wrong, CoD can be fun to play, but that fact has kind of upset me.
Obvious CS !@#$% is obvious.

TF2 is the best FPS around.
All of these FPS's have been terrible since CS:1.6

The BF series is the only one that is really still good but they don't consider it an e sport.
The same question could be applied to: How is archery a sport? How is painball a sport? How is that thing where you yell something out and a plate goes into the air and you have to shoot it a sport?

You're aiming. Basically trying to be as precise as possible and using the games tactics to your advantage. However bad the game may seem, it's still pretty hard to play at that level.

Imagine trying to drop shot playing inverted?

One tumbstick has to point down, while the other has to pooint up and you still have to shoot at someone directly enough to kill them.
CoD has too much aim-assist to be considered an e-sport.
Just doesn't seem like it takes strats and skills to get lucky with a throwing knife or grande/ go one way while the oppenent goes the other and he comes up behind me :P No way to guess what they are doing or where they are :P And the spy planes they have are just telling you they are here! And then you go kill them or they get the first shot and kill you. There is no "right way" to secure a win. Such as our builds or even if you don't have a specific build it is practiced and such and if you don't have a good build there is no way to win. Unlike COD in which a boss gun can get owned by the weakest gun in the game -_-
I hope BF3 wipes the floor with MW3. I got into the Alpha testing of BF3 and I LOVE IT!!! High hopes for this game!!! SCREW YOU MW!!!! BF3 ALL THE WAY!!

Sorry i cant give details of the game its against the terms for me being allowed to alpha test it. But it is amazing.

I am so getting BF3
I am so getting MW3 and BF3 since both are incredibly fun.

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