how is COD an e sport?

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Can't call SC a sport and not CoD.

You just can't.
I was watching the "Best moments" from the CoD stream, and what I saw confirmed my opinion.

CoD is bad. All they do is shoot through walls, spawn camp, then shoot through walls some more.

My feeling about games (e-sports) is the following: If I can code an AI that can play the game better than you, then the game sucks. And it is the case with CoD. I am unimpressed.
07/31/2011 06:40 PMPosted by Xenomorph
blops is the worst FPS I've played in years. MW games were much better.

notice how this was the best saling game in britain of all time
...or was is europe
07/31/2011 07:03 PMPosted by Notter
CoD has too much aim-assist to be considered an e-sport.

the computer versions have no aim assist. and i believe thats how its played in MLG
COD fans are also the worst people alive you have random scrubs commenting on the MLG facebook status with stuff like this.

"Id gladly 1v1 every player off the top 8 teams"

There's been posts like this all weekend. When was the last time you seen a random SC2 scrub talking about how he is gonna roll IMMVP.

Bunch of morons imo.
Most people look at cod games and say there easy but when you reach the pro level (former competitive player) it is insanely hard. One mis-flick of your analog for camera or movement and your done. Its competitive scene plays at a much faster pace and requires different skills from any RTS.

I do agree SC2 as an e-sport is much more enjoyable to watch because it plays at a slower pace and isn't just watch one guy for 10 seconds then the next guy.

Edit: Btw Mw3 will be much better than BF3 (personal opinion).
Turok2:Seeds of Evil is the best FPS ever made. Sit down ladies with your "We want realistic simulated combat in our video games!" bs.
People like war games.

Especially those that are more based on real life.

Kinda like paintball.
CoD seems to be all about memorizing positions in the map where you can shoot through walls and throw grenades. Very boring.
I used to like CoD until it was dumbed down to infinity and became the trash that entertains all the pre-teens around the world. When I was at MLG Columbus I had to laugh at how few people were actually over at the CoD:Blops side of the auditorium.
I never got into the CoD series, I was a Quaker. From checking out the stream briefly I don't think CoD transfer into a good spectator e-sport. I found it hard to really tell what was going on when watching the CoD. Halo looked pretty good from a spectator view, everything stands out a bit more in that game.
High level CoD is very fun to watch. Very good CoD players are fun to watch. But the difference between high level and pro is where the "grenade spamming, wallbanging, dropshotting, and callouts" come in that make the gameplay look so choreographed. The players practice all day everyday to learn the same strats and setups, much like SC pros practice all day everyday to perfect builds. While I agree that SC2 is a much better spectator e-sport, playing CoD at a high level is a totally different experience from an RTS. Don't hate because you think your game is so much better.
07/31/2011 06:56 PMPosted by Jcranberries
TF2 is the best FPS around.

I played CoD on Xbox Live once, i got a on a team with a bunch of 13 year old idiots screaming in the mic. never played again.
How the hell is ESPORTS considered an actual sport? Granted, it's only considered to be a sport by the most horrible scum on earth *cough* day9 for one *cough*, but this silly little chair sitting competition is not a sport, and hopefully never will be.

What saddens me, is that Americans are also starting to consider this a sport. I know that country has only gone downhill since rock 'n' roll hit it, and hit it hard, in the '50s, but this is a new low for their people. :(

This entire thread should be irrelevant and deleted. But, alas, the world is not perfect.

Ouch lol
Do people really watch that trash for hours a day?
drop shots, aks, spawn grenades, and spraying through walls.


Mass infestors, cannon rushes, 6 pools, marine marauders game after game, this game isn't much different.

I know you were low league before looking at your profile. This statement is 100% false. Watch some MLG? Watch any sc2 higher than bronze and you'll see the real game. Although bronze I've heard is full of that stuff. Sorry to hear.

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