how is COD an e sport?

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Everyone knows that 007:Golden Eye, for N64, was the beginning and end of all FPS
Ask My Brother I actaully been looking for a replacement for this series but I will be playing MW3. SC2 Will always be in my Heart. No Matter what. I agree it does have one of the worse Communities and The balancing is terrible.

But tell me this is it the game's fault or the Company that makes the game? Or the parents as well?
07/31/2011 06:42 PMPosted by Eman
blizzard is holding the e sport scene with starcraft with total dominance. this topic is now related.

I believe the fighting game community would like to have a chat with you.
08/01/2011 11:33 AMPosted by Tyrael
Just get over your egocentrism, you are not the only person in this world mate.

Good point, I'm the only person in this world mate. And if any of you want to be "people" you have to like and think exactly as I do.
07/31/2011 09:30 PMPosted by Raider
i have played cod at a semi pro level the equivalent to mid grandmasters on here and mw2 is the worst game ever it was not balanced at all and i am getting away from fps cus they dont fix games like blizz does

I also did play at the semi-pro level and I would put it equal to mid-masters but takes a different skill set to reach that.
it requires skills imo but maybe not as much as sc2
A few games with good stories that I thoroughly enjoyed:

Mass Effect.
Final Fantasy (before 2002).
Fire Emblem.
Assassin's Creed.

I think the industry has enough good story games. But I agree that we need more. The collection is slowly shrinking.

Good list, going to add MGS to it. ( i believe the ending of it was like 1.5 hours or so of movie deliciousness)

Omg I totally forgot MGS. Now Imma just hate on my self all day...that game by far had one of the best storylines out there....
TF2 is the best FPS around.



imo tf2 would be a lot more fun to watch than cod :[

+tf2 is a lot more balanced than cod
TF2 is the best FPS around.



son i am disappoint

Okay, to the "Games can't be a real sport" argument.
Lets compare:

Like a "regular" sport, it:
-Takes precision and great skills at the higher levels of play
-Has a dedicated fan-base
-Has competitions all over the world, along with awards and recognition for the winners
-Has teams and players who must train (probably a lot for that matter) to stay competitive.

Unlike a "regular sport", it:
-Focuses on mental abilities, rather than physical

Are we really that shallow-minded to think that just because it's a little bit different than other sports, it still doesn't take the same high level of skill, one that not everyone has, to play competitively. Also, it's called an "E"-sport, which means that, unlike a regular sport, it is focused on Electronic games (Which are more mentally challenging to use than physically, obviously), rather than physical ones. The title itself insinuates that it would test someones ability to do something other than run the fastest, or be the strongest. Does nobody else see how sad it is to not consider something a sport only because of a small, albeit important, difference? It is akin to saying that football isn't a sport, because you aren't shooting a ball through a net with your hands, it just doesn't make a lot of sense.
The same question could be applied to: How is archery a sport? How is painball a sport? How is that thing where you yell something out and a plate goes into the air and you have to shoot it a sport?

You're aiming. Basically trying to be as precise as possible and using the games tactics to your advantage. However bad the game may seem, it's still pretty hard to play at that level.

Imagine trying to drop shot playing inverted?

One tumbstick has to point down, while the other has to pooint up and you still have to shoot at someone directly enough to kill them.

comparing video games to archery? really? the Bow and Arrow is one of the greatest weapons ever invented and takes years to master. CoD or any game for that matter does not.
Hey !@#$%^ flaming other games: -*!@ you, you give us a bad reputation.
How is Jersey Shore popular? Who knows. All I know is SC2 is the only game I watch and love it. I'm addicted to it. Every game is like a country going to war against another building from nothing to great empires and fighting it out in usually less than 30 min.

I actually bought GSL season passes even before buying the game. I was looking for a review on youtube, found HD and started watching his casts, one thing led to another and I couldnt stop watching. I don't have any skill and am I awe of these guys who play like that.

Anyway - it's pretty uncool to trash what other people enjoy. To each his own. Different strokes.
I was at MLG anaheim.

Hardly anyone was there to watch COD. The crowd around the Halo section only got noticeable when one of the two dominant teams was there.

Meanwhile, the SC2 main stage was packed with literally thousands of fans, many of whom forced to stand or sit on the floor because there wasnt enough seating for them, with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching from home on live streams.

is CoD an e-sport? Well I suppose that depends how you look at it.

In the world of e-sports. SC2 is football and CoD is like badminton. Sure some people play it professionally and it is considered a sport, but it isn't really relevant.
[quote]How the hell is ESPORTS considered an actual sport? Granted, it's only considered to be a sport by the most horrible scum on earth *cough* day9 for one *cough*, but this silly little chair sitting competition is not a sport, and hopefully never will be.

What saddens me, is that Americans are also starting to consider this a sport. I know that country has only gone downhill since rock 'n' roll hit it, and hit it hard, in the '50s, but this is a new low for their people. :(

This entire thread should be irrelevant and deleted. But, alas, the world is not perfect.

your going back to the old folks home, now.
[quote]A few games with good stories that I thoroughly enjoyed:

Mass Effect.
Final Fantasy (before 2002).
Fire Emblem.
Assassin's Creed.

I think the industry has enough good story games. But I agree that we need more. The collection is slowly shrinking.

Dead space 1 and 2 were pretty good storys, I'm surprised you havn't played it yet if you've played those games.
CoD Sucks, i actually enjoy the battlefield series. but as an E-sport im not sure.

SC2 is the best Esport on the world!!!.

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