Protoss RP help please!

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I'm new to the SC RP world, and I wish to get an understanding of just how to RP in SC2. I play WoW often, and RP there, but being that SC2 is an RTS, I don’t really comprehend how to RP in it. Also I'm and NOT going to RP as a hick, or any kind of human for that matter! This leaves me with toss and Zerg, and I’m not going to go, "Baaaahrrrafgrafraasfdesaaaaahhhahahahh." (<-The way I think Zerg sound XD). That leaves me with toss, I know most of their history, and I know what their like, I just don’t know how I would go about RPing one. Any tips?
Ummm just rp like normal... btw you could always use an intelligent infested terren for zerg :D.
So I would pump out say... a HT and just zoom in and RP as him?
Ohhhh no if your gonna do it in game you should probably go to cortex and have them explain it to you.

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