The Zealot

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There once was a zealot named zealot four,
Surrounded by zealots and stalkers galore!

Artanis kept saying, learn to charge,
But the zealot he thought, i would rather eat lard.

So this zealot ran away to a land not so near,
And this zealot mad a pheonix and flew in the air,
This zealot so free not a care in the world,
Knew artanis would come looking,
But what would he find?

The zealot ran farther and farther away,
The zealot ran day after day after day,
The zealot even once bought a barge,
The zealot realized "hey i learned charge"

And so ends the story of zealot four,
The zealot who charged faster than any before,
The quick little toss of a lowly warpgate,
The zealot who was then awarded with cake.

Gifted from GlAdOs, the robot queen,
The zealot was happy and ummm... clean?

Credit to Rayniefire
Wait... Protoss can't eat! They don't have any mouth.

Nice reference to Portal and Portal 2. I like those games.

"Who said anything about cake?"
Change your image to a zealot, then it would be funny
When I made this thread a looooooong time ago my portrait was a zealot. Because that was the best one I had. So yea, little late on your part.

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