Help a Stranded Pilot!

Joeyray's Bar
Doomerx fell asleep. He fell out of his chair and bumped his table.
DoomerX woke up. "Oh crap, i have a bump on my head"
Wfawwer accidentally walks into a bar.
"No need to feel sad that I bumped into that, there are other people that are dead.
DoomerX tripped over his reaver and bumped into a place
All of a sudden, the entire surface of Aiur has been hit by thousands of nuclear sub-atomic missiles.
The temple, luckily, was safe due to the rip-field, but the rest of the planet is now a molten crater.

And then thousands of War Pigs drop into orbit near the temple, and plant C-5 on the temple.
Then a war pig tripped over his laces and bumped into the c4 causing everyone to die.

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