I need your builds GIVE THEM TO ME

Terran Discussion
I just switched from random to focus on my worst race Terran.

I have no clue what the meta game of TvT TvP and of course TvK

Give me your insights on the meta game and of course

Give me your fav builds for each race.

I need help i suck so bad with terran.

15techlab (yes, no marine)

Pressure with reaper. Start a bunker because it'll force units to be pulled toward your reaper. 95% of the time it won't finish but just throwing it down gives you free kills.

Don't lose the reaper. You'll use it for map control on towers and scouting if somethings look fishy (like 12+ lings attacking your bunker indicating a banebust etc.)

Get a 3rd gas asap at natural and 2 reactors on rax as soon as you can without stopping tanks production. You should move out with 20 marines 4 tanks stim siege at the 9:30 min mark. Deny his 3rd base don't go greedy on his natural imo unles you think you can win right there.

At home you should be getting starport, engeenering bay, a 3rd CC and 4th gas while producing tanks non stop. Don't rally units over they'll get caught up of mutas will kill too many scvs. Better manually go get them when you have a smallish ball. This also prevent counter attacks when desperate.

After your 3rd base is up, his 3rd was delayed by so long because of your push you're in for a really strong position in lategame if it's not over already.

As the 3rd base gets saturated get 2nd factory, 2nd engeenering bay, armory, 5-6 more rax. Pump units non stop and at this point a CC should always be in construction by an scv. Scan his Hive often to see it's timing and know when to start vikings production. I usually get a 2nd starport with techlab for a raven.

At this point I almost always switch from Tanks to Thors because I should have a fair amount at this point and Thors are great to put in front. Infestors can't run and FG your marines, mutas can't pick tanks off, ling A-move and just waste DPS on Thors instead of rines etc. Thors lategame are a very effective ''protector'' unit with their range.


16 reactor
25tech lab

4 Gate will hit at this point if there was only 1 gas. If you used your 3 depot to wall off top of your ramp it's a freewin. Just keep producing, add rax, pull some SCVs to repair depots.

If you didn't get 4 gated push with 7 marines 1 marauder and conc. If there was 1 gas and there's no expo at this point scratch your head hard because your opponent is just plain bad.

If there's an expo do the dmg you can. Some greedy Protoss will just plain die to this pressure. Don't focus the nexus it won't go down try to take down a pylon, then probes then camp his nexus just to force him to move.

If you saw 2 gases and there's no expo get an eneggering bay asap it's DTs or Stargate. Tech stim and starport. Win.

If it seems the game will get into 2 bases play scan his base with your first 2nd OC's energy asap. No Mule. You wanna check the number of production buildings.
4gates robo?
5gates twilight?

Mid game plan is: 1 starport 4raxes (2techlabs 2reactors) 2 bases upgrades. With experience you'll know how many bunkers to get and how fast you can get the starport without being busted by an aggressive build.

Take map control with your first 2 medvaccs. Scan his natural. With the scan you'll know if you can stim push and win or if it's better to do a 2 pronged attack with drops just to do dmg while macroing a 3rd base.

Get Ghosts, more upgrades, more raxes. The factory you made when you flaot ressources should make hellions so you can 4 hellion dorp a far away base lategame. You can wipe a whole mineral line so fast during all the battles.


I made a TvT thread about the BioNuke I'm trying to get to work.

thank you
08/04/2011 09:11 AMPosted by dividebyzero

Terran vs Kelvin
1 rax expand in every matchup : D
08/04/2011 09:49 AMPosted by Kabi

Terran vs Kelvin

Obviously gosh.

9 supply
12 rax
16 OC
16 CC
18 supply
20 supply
Bunker up and fly CC to natural if not built there already
the number of bunker should vary with scouting info (do they have fast expo or not?)
24 rax
24 rax
26 gas
26 gas

Then rush for starport or concentrate on building a lot of infantry early on or go blue flame hellion fast, depends on your personal preference in tvp. Personally I first research stim and then I rush for starport, I feel stim will let you survive better if protoss goes aggression vs your fast expand.


Here I just wing it

9 supply
12 rax
14 rax

After this its just whatever happens with my 2 rax aggression. I usually follow it up with tanks but if I can setup a massive contain with the aggression that could change.


I'm not going to show you my tvt build order because its horrible it works for me and it helps me survive drops and thats all I want to survive, if the terran goes for early bio push I die, if he went fast expand I lose. In tvt I bank EVERYTHING on my enemy making mistakes with his drops and with his tank pushes... hate this matchup.
tvp i go mass marine marauder drops get vikings and ghosts latter aswell as tanks + get double engineering bay going
TvZ Mech build ether Biometch or heavy thor blue flame hellion and 5 tanks or so
TvZ - 2rax FE.
Two naked rax, expo at like 22, that's when you get gas as well. Easy.

TvP - 2rax with addons
Ensures you have 4gate sized army at 4gate timing push. High ground bunker, go for the expansion while turtle-ing)

TvT - Whatever I really feel like.
Usually 1-1-1, with a decent sim city around my mineral to prevent BFH harass, and make sure you have eng bay in anticipation of cloaked banshees which could be a game ruiner.

3rax is also nice, but you get your tanks late, so be aggressive with it, and scout for 1-1-1 timing pushes to catch tanks unseiged, or he will kick your face, inch by inch.

Or the harass heavy BFH/Cloaked banshee play, very vulnerable if you cannot do effective damage against a good turtler (me), and I will just out macro you and stomp your front door in with superior composition (heavy marauder + rines + double tank production and vikings for banshees. Save scans 2-3 before you push).
Every game 1 rax expand

10 Supply, 11 rax. Build orbital and 1 marine. Cut production until 400 minerals, build second CC in natural. 1-2 more rax. When CC nearly complete, transfer 5 workers and make 2 bunkers. Take 2 gas, hold off any initial push using SCVs to repair bunkers if needed. Congratulations you are now way ahead.
Every game 1 rax expand

10 Supply, 11 rax. Build orbital and 1 marine. Cut production until 400 minerals, build second CC in natural. 1-2 more rax. When CC nearly complete, transfer 5 workers and make 2 bunkers. Take 2 gas, hold off any initial push using SCVs to repair bunkers if needed. Congratulations you are now way ahead.

Where do you build your bunkers? At the expand or one at each base?
Asuming you can read up people a bit and know counters...

V Zerg:
10 supply -> Scout
12 rax
12-13 rax
Use 2-3 SCV (i use the 3 that built) and the first marine of the first rax. Drop a bunker, apply pressure, play with it depending on what you found with your scout. If he is trying to expand you can easily deny the expansion. You rally marines to where you are.
Really rare to see a zerg 1 base trying to all in... and you walled with the dual Rax.

If you see an allinish build, then just get gas and a siege tank, and drop a bunker or 2 at your base.
If you see he is trying to push you away so he can resume his macro, then just get a CC, then get gas then factory/another rax.

2 Rax into FE (wich is the most common outcome) is a solid start, and it barely cripples you to cut a few SCVs. In the end you have 2 barracks, pressure and you forced at least spine crawlers earlier (worst situation).

Btw, after this a normal play would aim with your FE to get more gas, get some siege tanks if you may, but Starport is key. Since you delyed the Lair for sure, and those medivacs/vikings will do a lot.

V Toss:
10 depot
12 rax
13 gas
16 Orbital
17 supply

Now you should be soonish getting the scout finished for sure, you know if he is going something like 1 base play or not. You can see if FE if he is turtling, or just defend up if he is going 4 gate.
If you see a 4 gate... then 2-3 bunkers 2-3 rax and aim to get a CC behind this bunker wall. He is against the clock... not you.
A normal play however is to turtle with a bit of poking arround (and maybe a Marine Marauder push) into a 2 base... and MMM ghost push into victory.

TvT:Similar to toss start... buid 1 rax, At 19-20 supply you should know if he is going fast tanks or what.
If he is gong for a 1 tank push... just keep it calm, if you didn't get your factory up yet you just need to wait... as soon as he unsieges you should have more ammount of units to push into his face.
Dunno what to tell you, im usually better at tank wars in the end.

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