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I have a second monitor connected to my macbook pro that I would like to use full screen for playing starcraft. I can drag starcraft in windowed mode over to it, but when i go into fullscreen mode, it automatically switches to my laptop's screen. Is there any way to allow me to have it be fullscreen on my secondary monitor? I would do fullscreen windowed on it but theres no option to lock the cursor in the window for macs at the moment
don't know if this will work on a mac, but i do this on my pc

When i started my game, it starts window(fullscreen) on my primary monitor.

But i want to play on my secondary monitor.

So i go to option, change it to 'window' mode.

I can then drag the window to the secondary monitor. Go back to options and change it back to window(fullscreen)

and the game shows up on seconday screen fullscreen.
Did a bit of research on this, and With Stgarcraft II on a Mac, you can only play on the Primary screen of the OS (i.e. where the menu bar appears on the OS screen). You can change this in your System Preferences>Displays.
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Go to  > System Preferences... > (Hardware) Displays

Then in the "Arrangement" tab you move the white bar over to your other desired display to make it your primary display.

I found that out here...
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